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Courtscape Architecture

Redesign basketball to be more like golf.
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Professional basketball (NBA) is about its stars, and there can be change as the stars change. The game changes by degrees internally, scarcely at all outwardly. In the spirit of those who find beauty in watching a sport where its players have take time to learn their opponent's home field, as well as plays and star moves, individualize each city's ballcourt by thinking away from the flat.

Combine the skills of woodwrights and course architects to create a series of designer homecourts that incorporate golfcourse topography and rolling fitted wood. New playing style would emerge as the NBA teams sought to master the play of their own court and prepare for away games. I'm not suggesting sand or water, but plateau and colored light ambience should do nicely.

If money is hard to find for this, there are always those salary caps to turn to.

reensure, May 29 2002


       Doesn't the Boston Celtics play on that ice rink, with their specially made court placed on top. Apparently it gets warped due to the cooling and re-heating of the boards.
[ sctld ], May 29 2002


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