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Cow Suit

When the Rough get Going... Put them out to Pasture
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Sometimes individuals get out of hand with their verbiage and/or actions - implied or otherwise. Even here in the halfbakery. I suggest we dress the offending part(y)(ies) in a Virtual Cowsuit... lead them to a Virtual Pasture... close the gate... and virtually watch as 'Hookers Nightmare' - 'The Horniest Bull That Ever Lived' - has his way with the wearer of the Cow Suit. Being virtual, there can be unlimited wearers at any given time with unlimited 'Hookers Nightmare(s)' and unlimited mooing emanating from the mouths of aforementioned offending parties who have only themselves to blame. In the halfbakery itself, I would hope this would provide an easy and quick solution to the problem of offensiveness.
thumbwax, May 05 2001


       thanks, but I'd rather just man the parasite.
absterge, May 05 2001

       I vote yes for anything that offends certain people.
Susen, May 05 2001

       Hey, what a great idea for breathing new life into that that old Cow suit that's been up there in the attic all this time. PeterS, Virtual England. Nice idea, but its going to take some programmer to virtually re-create our weather!
Ivy, May 09 2001

       Rmeinds rmutt of the friend, who, having some extra time on his gorilla suit rental after the costume party, chose to hang out at the supermarket, pushing around a cart half full of bananas...
rmutt, Aug 01 2001


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