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Did I anno that?

Let people know when they've been moderated
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Recently, due to a stupid and crass remark I unthinkingly made in an anno, [scout] had to delete not only my anno but a whole load of others from outraged HBers.

No problem with that. Mea culpa, and all that. Unfortunately I have a tendency to annotate and then wander off, browsing through ideas or going to get a cup of coffee or something. I only discovered what had happened because I clicked on the same idea by accident just before the line was deleted. Just had time to put an apology on the end before it was deleted.

Today I popped in on an idea. Reading through it, I was sure I'd anno'd it... but I can't remember. Did I? Did someone delete it? Or did I write it, and then delete it myself? Or did I not write it at all?

What I think would be nice is some sort of system whereby a little flag popped up - either in your account, or next to the idea on the homepage - which lets you know that something you've written has fallen foul of the sacred guardians. I'm sure I could work out why on my own.

If anybody knows any way already existing of getting round this, then please let me know. It's not the deleting bit I have problems with - it's when I can't remember whether I anno'd or not...

Incidentally, it's nice having my own category for all my ideas to go into.

moomintroll, Apr 09 2005

One recent view for moomintroll http://www.halfbake...oomintroll_20recent
[gnomethang, Apr 10 2005]


       Disappearing annotations aren't very common, really. In the case of the idea in question, the idea owner removed the series of annotations and just as he or she should have done.   

       I'm not sure it's worth building another layer into system for deletion notifications and particularly since there can be many reasons why an annotation might be deleted but one thing is for sure: moderators don't delete user's annotations, or only in the rarest situation (I can only remember it happening once), rather, they remove the offending users entire account.
bristolz, Apr 09 2005

       You can use a custom view to check recent ideas that you have annotated e.g. since last log in or last day. I have linked to my view for same.
gnomethang, Apr 10 2005

       gnome, for reasons I forget, personal views don't work.
po, Apr 10 2005

       Yup! - I just logged out, tried it and found that out!. Anyone know how I can get the info over (if [moomintroll] wants it). I could screen dump and Email.
gnomethang, Apr 10 2005

       sorry gnomey. I don't think I even understood the explanation at the time. pretty sure someone will come up with the goods.   

       are you trying to get [moomin] to choose one of his own views, click edit at top of page, and add his own name where it says - filter by annotation/type in his own name, save as *something new*!?   

       mind you I don't think this would work if the anno had been deleted. oh buggar, I'm off to lunch.
po, Apr 10 2005

       [gnome] Here's how to post a link to a custom view:   

       Edit the view.   

       Go to the bottom where you name the view (Save this view as), and BLANK OUT the name.   

       Click OK.   

       You'll get the view again, but with a wacky long URL. Post that URL as your link.
krelnik, Apr 10 2005

       Thanks, [k]. I have done that and I think that it works!.
gnomethang, Apr 10 2005

       I fail to understand how any view can show annotations that have been deleted.
bristolz, Apr 10 2005

       Um, you know very wel that it can't. Is that what was required - I better re-read!.
gnomethang, Apr 10 2005

       If I may ask [bristolz], you say that only once to your memory has an annotation been deleted. What was the reason for that?
hidden truths, Apr 11 2005

       Thanks, [gnome], that view works really well. It's not exactly what I was thinking of here, but if anythings it's more useful!   

       P.S. I get the distinct impression that what I suggested here is impossible. Basically, the proposal is for some quick and automatic way of alerting people that something they wrote has been moderated, outside of the rather laborious process of emailing them or something.
moomintroll, Apr 11 2005

       //you say that only once to your memory has an annotation been deleted.//
I've had plenty of annos deleted, usually because I like writing "non PC" stuff or things that can piss off the author. I hate censorship, though, and have only deleted one person's anno to my knowledge (and I didn't mean to, didn't even know I did until [jutta] explained that the records showed that I did. Dunno how that happened).
Edit: I wasn't paying attention. You guys were talking about moderators deleting annos. Ignore me, I'm talking out of my ass now. FIguratively. But that would be cool if I really could, I'd do it when I ordered pizza!
"Domino's pizza, how can I help you?"
"Excuse me?"
"No, excuse me."
AfroAssault, Apr 24 2005

       Like [Inbox (3)] You could have [My Annos (2)] with the number showing if anyone responded to your anno using @yourHbID. Click on it and you get a list (actually that's easily done using HB views)
pashute, Aug 25 2011


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