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Account Deletion Tag
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In-a the naaaaaaaame of-a jut-ta

The halfbakery is in a sense - sacred.
The idea is to speed the *casting out of Evil Trolls by notifying the High Priests with such a marker.
Title changed from [Ex-Or-Cism] to [Ex-Or-Schism] - reason:
1 : Division, Separation; also : Discord, Disharmony
2a: formal division in or separation from a church or religious body
2b: the offense of promoting schism.
Source: Merriam-Webster
[Ex-Or-Schism] is more appropriate a title and is more halfbakerly whether in the Old Custard or New Custard.

A Troll seeks to promote schism, whether as one Host Troll or a group, whether an actual group or multiple accounts, whereby the EvilTroll/s is/are "Legion, for we are many".

If most of the Evil Trolls who reside/d in/on/around the HostTroll are *cast out, leaving a Spirit, saaaaaay by the name of ReBarf, who claims he "gets the message" & "is not a Troll", then the self proclaimed Cleansed Spirit remains.
In the case of continued bakerlige, a second and fatal [Ex-or-Schism] to the Spirit/Troll known as ReBarf (or whatever TrollOfTheMonth) which host/s/ed or show/s/ed no resistance to the Evil Trolls before they were/will be *cast out during the first [Ex-Or-Schism] may also be performed by The High Priest/s.
*Much to the delight of those Old and/or New Custard believers who hold the halfbakery in high esteem, only the prayers to the Powers-That-Be to Excommunicate the Trolls get answered a little faster and with a bit of comedic drama to end the uncomedic drama.
thumbwax, Jul 09 2002


       Or the form   

       [Bell] = warning ring,   

       [Book] = you're going in it,   

       [Candle] = you're going to get torched ...   

       ... from 3 different HalfBakers ?   

       Sorry, Thumbwax, not sure about this one. It risks stifling innovation.
8th of 7, Jul 09 2002

       thumb rules OK!
po, Jul 09 2002

       Like the "innovation" we've had lately?   

       Besides, all these [tags] aren't automatically acted upon, but are just calls for review. Still, I don't think it's a necessary tag. It's not like the Powers That Be aren't going to be aware of the sort of abuses that warrant account deletion.
bookworm, Jul 09 2002

       I like the bell, book and candle idea from three different HBers - and perhaps the ex-or-cism from modulators as a 24 hour warning to cease all trolling..
yamahito, Jul 09 2002

po, Jul 09 2002

       At first I thought his was a good idea, but I mean really... with a quick look around, isn't it almost glaringly obvious that certain accounts right now need to be "modified?" A tag would be overkill, and might stifle struggling newbies.   

       The culprit has chosen to ignore the warnings/ death threats. Therefore something must be done on the HB side.
polartomato, Jul 10 2002

       Title modified - Idea expanded.
You must realize, jutta has a remarkable sense of fairness. And just as remarkable a schedule, as do those who serve as moderators. What this seeks to do is speed the plows of halfbaked justice.
thumbwax, Jul 10 2002

       <waxing honest and introspective for a moment> I hate to say it, but the halfbakery is starting to show all the signs of a formal religion. Think Pharisaic Judaism. It has all the signs; in the name of protection of the ideal, those too far outside that ideal are made to shape up or ship out. We love being in the spotlight with some witty remark, and I'm one of the worst at all of the above. As I'm headed off on a missions trip in a few days, I can't become that person.
RayfordSteele, Jul 10 2002

       Well, there's nothing saying those with the gumption such as your elf or my elf can't. It's all in the name of driving out Evil by any means necessary. Many people have died and/or been brutalized during Exorcisms in the name of gawd by well-intentioned but misguided relatives, witch-doctors, halfbakers...
"Out! Demon Spirit!"
*Covering* with grain sack
*Splashing* with dehydrated Holy Water
*Beating* with whale bones & sledgehammers...
thumbwax, Jul 10 2002

       I'm a practicing pharisaic Jew. Nobody's made to shape up. If you decide to leave the community you can. But don't expect the community to hug you for it. The most we can do is disallow you from community activities.   

       And you still are invited to a seat at the Seder table...   

       And that's even by the extremist Hassidim: Read Dr. Joshua Halberstam's book.   

       Some religions are a bit more strict about "leaving the faith" (hint hint)
pashute, Jul 23 2014

       I suppose 12 years ago I was referring to more of the new testament viewpoint on Pharisaic Judaism.
RayfordSteele, Jul 24 2014


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