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Baker Blocker, The Halfbakery Peace Accord

Feature that allows Halfbakers to block trolls or subjects they don't want to hear about anymore.
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In your login page, a simple input saying





And you fill in the blanks with subjects you want to separate yourself from.

So if for instance, somebody's sick of hearing rants about a particular president, say, Grover Cleveland, they type in "Grover Cleveland" and any posts referencing him won't be shown to the requestor. Those posts will still be on the HB, just not shown to people saying they're not interested in hearing about him anymore. Likewise, if there's a particularly obsessed Baker whose life revolves around GC, like Groversucks69, that baker can be blocked as well. Again, Groversucks69 can rant all day about how Grover Cleveland was worse than Hitler and all who want to hear about it will, but people who aren't interested are spared the rants.

And maybe you love Groversucks69's posts that are about anything other than old GC. Great, you can specify to see all their other ideas, just not the GC rants.

Also, if a particular baker obsessively [MFD]s everything he sees, the bakers being constantly so tagged can spare the poor triggered baker by blocking them from seeing any of their future posts.

So nobody is blocking anything but their own views of particular words and bakers, and particular baker's views of them. Might make the HB a more pleasant place for everybody.

And yes, this is one of the most WKTE things on the internet, just not here.

And before you bone this, think of how nice it would be to instead just type doctorremulac3 on your login page Baker Blocker and I'm gone. Poof! Just like that.

Oh, and there's no notification sent to the blocked baker, they just suddenly notice that baker they despise is gone and say "Wow, this place has gotten really pleasant for some reason."

doctorremulac3, Feb 28 2023


       Though not as simple as you may like, some of the specifics you asked for - exist filtering out ideas from specific users or containing specific word - are already available on HB. Would you accept some short tutorials from me on how to set those up?   

       But the big ask here - one that doesn't exist on HB and one I might also like - is completely to block other specific users from seeing your ideas. Users can easily set up what THEY see for themselves, they can't moderate what OTHER see.
a1, Feb 28 2023

       [+]It needs to include formatting, or I would never hear about strumpets again, and that would make me sad. It also needs to be specific to individual comments. And how would you block someone like me, who has a common word as his user name?

//blocking them from seeing any of their future posts.//This I have a problem with.[-] It needs to be by the consent of the viewer only. I should have no way to keep you from seeing my posts.
Voice, Feb 28 2023

       Hmm, good point, it would have to have a specific user tag like <user>Groversucks69<user> or some such.   

       As far as the second thing, sure, that's better than nothing. Halfway there anyway.   

       Of course that's not any different than just ignoring them. Unfortunately trolls often specifically target specific people, they crave attention and will do anything to get it. Letting them get away with nasty behavior seems like letting the bully get away with bullying. Just putting up a fence between the two parties seems like it would work for everybody.   

       Maybe have a consensual agreement between both parties. One gets a message "Groverules23 has requested that you, Groversucks69 and him never see each other's posts. Do you agree? Yes____ No____"   

       Eh, that would probably just trigger Groversucks69 and make him more obsessed than ever. Disregard.
doctorremulac3, Feb 28 2023

       If Groversucks69 doesn't want to see my posts ever again under your plan he already has a way. No need for me to message him directly or through the system. That would just be a passive-aggressive way to snipe at him and, frankly, I think anyone as bitter as Groversucks69 already has enough problems without me adding to them with petty sniping and bickering.
Voice, Feb 28 2023

       Yea, agreed. It'd just trigger the guy.   

       I think the "going dark" mode is the best way to approach turning down the drama. Like quietly walking away from the drunk at the party who won't stop following you around talking about how they can't sleep at night with all these Groverites being allowed to walk the streets.
doctorremulac3, Feb 28 2023

       Two words: no, twice.
21 Quest, Feb 28 2023

       That’s just what Grover Cleveland would say.
doctorremulac3, Feb 28 2023

       Strange, there doesn't seem to be an idea here, not even a title and summary, just a lot of white space and some non-sequitur annotations that look like half of a conversation.
pocmloc, Feb 28 2023

       // no idea ... non sequitur annotations ... half conversations. //   

       True of many HB threads, even without blocking.
a1, Feb 28 2023


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