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Fnock - Finger Cracking Accessory Toy

get the feel of it without cracking your fingers
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This toy comes in many flavors.

a. FNock: The simplest is a device held in the palm of your hand, which extends out under your fingers, and perhaps you can wear like a glove. When you close and open your hand, it makes a nice "Cknocking" sound.

b. FNuckles: Same as -a- but also extends outside hand, over knuckles. When squished, it makes the nice "Cknocking" sound.

c. Personal Digital FNock (Pfnock) This one works silently, just silently gives you the knocking feel in you hands, and when you attach earphones, you can hear the sounds. So you can merrily crack your knuckles, without getting on your wife's nerves.

d. Virtual FNock: software only version. Makes sounds etc, and shows fingers being cracked.

e. Future developments: FNock T-shirts, mugs, screen savers, and most important: the FNock TV show.

pashute, Jul 15 2003


       Does (c.) actually allow me to pop knuckles, or is this still simulation?
<Off topic/>... and just where have you been?</Off topic>
thumbwax, Jul 15 2003

       FNock FNock FNockin on heavens door.   

       Who's there?
dweeb, Jul 15 2003

       <obligatory Fnuck post>
lintkeeper2, Jul 15 2003

       God who? Oh sorry, wrong thread.   

       This is good, but surely it's the noise that is both satisfying (first party) and annoying (third party)? I suggest some form of noise cancellation, or possibly a soundproof sheath similar to those Japanese umbrellas that enclose the user in a transparent plastic tube.
egbert, Jul 16 2003

       God who? ...   

       Godday mate! - or - God I hate the look and sound of fingers crackin'.
dweeb, Jul 16 2003

       Thank you all!   

       I have been away developing some real world crazy ideas. like http://www.skytran.net (you'll find me on the contacts page)
pashute, Jul 21 2003

       Bringing this back up to vote. Please note that the personal silent version is the one that will sell most, because it doesnt get on other people's nerves.
pashute, Jul 30 2006

       These devices would eliminate the long wait for fingers to reset themselves to a crackable state after being spent. [+]
7ennyn, Jul 30 2006

       I want toe FNocks (in my SNocks)
benfrost, Jul 30 2006


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