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Credit Crunch Severity Scale

calibration of the credit crunch through sound and image
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Credit Crunch Severity Scale is new collection of graphic sound effects, and cringe making images to match, that can be used to calibrate the current financial crisis.

Examples of this would range in intensity from somewhere between a person biting down on a brazil nut with their bare teeth, or a ball- pein hammer impacting on a Rolls Royce windscreen right through to a train running into a cabinet full of cut crystal on a level crossing.

xenzag, Mar 06 2009

Shoemaker-Levy impact http://www.seds.org...mpact/INDEX_20.html
[hippo, Mar 06 2009]


       "...they're running that video clip of Comet Shoemaker-Levy colliding with Jupiter again! ..."
hippo, Mar 06 2009

       ... but in space no can hear you colliding with another planet
xenzag, Mar 06 2009

       True - it also doesn't have the 'wince' factor of your examples.
hippo, Mar 06 2009

       Would this be similar to the color-coded terror alert level?
Jscotty, Mar 06 2009

       Perhaps a few Hitler sound bites when it becomes apparent that our chancellor is less than ideal. Air raid sirens. Fingernails being dragged across a twenty mile long blackboard.   

       Perhaps if they become popular they may even help drag us out of the economic meltdown.
Bad Jim, Mar 06 2009


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