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Two Shopping Carts Ghetto

Along the lines of "Two Cats Mad" and "Two Beers Funny"
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I haven't been able to explain the phenomenon, but there seems to be a coincidence between how "ghetto" a neighborhood is and the number of shopping carts randomly scattered throughout. When I drive through a neighborhood in Rose Park (just outside SLC), I see an astonishing number of shopping carts for no apparent reason, and the neighborhoods over there aren't exactly great. And just within the last month I've counted 8 of them in my neighborhood, what gives? The rich neighborhoods NEVER get them...

So, like the ideas that stemmed this, the scale is:
5 SCG- really bad
4 SCG- not as bad, but still pretty ghetto
3....2...1.. 0 SCG- Beverly Hills 90210 ghetto.
AfroAssault, Sep 23 2001


       the rich get richer and the poor get shopping carts
po, Sep 23 2001

       I always used abandoned cars + burnt out buildings as a measure when there are no tracks whose ‘other side’ can be measured against.
sdm, Sep 23 2001

       Wow. My local grocery store must be the ghetto of all ghettoes. I'd never noticed it before, but from now on I think I'll do my grocery shopping online.
beauxeault, Sep 25 2001

       Maybe we've been deluded all this time, and the poor actually have more money than the rich---hence the more conspicuous evidence of shopping. But then, the more people buy, the poorer they are, so it'd make sense the other way, too. My head hurts.
Ander, May 08 2003


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