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Institutional Meat Industry Index

Index the science of meat industry in society.
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The meat industry analogical index is an important social indicator because human society is meat based. The index works by examining both society and the meat industry and generates a number indicating how similar the two are in meat production. Because the meat industry and society are constantly in development, and often co-development, the number simply serves to indicate the level of institutional and industrial carnivorousness. In other words it attempts to quantify over time how closely human society feeds on itself as meat. This is an important indicator in preventing the reapplication of animal husbandry to eugenics, as well as the implementation of a rigid disciplinary system of standards that produce various grades. No distinction is made in terms of meat used for consumption as food or meat-based power.
rcarty, May 20 2013

Foucault Essay about the larger historical index http://foucault.inf...tSingulatim.en.html
This is undoubtedly something singular in the course of history. Clearly, the development of "pastoral technology" in the management of men profoundly disrupted the structures of ancient society. [fishboner, May 21 2013]


       Not sure I grasp the idea, but now I want a sandwich.
normzone, May 20 2013

       //human society is meat based//   

       Soylent Green.
skinflaps, May 21 2013


       The pastoral modality of social relations is usually only only acknowledged in those few cases where it becomes illustratively literal (eg. When humans are actually branded, and shipped on cattle cars to be processed for and into goods). Outside of these peaks, the various ramps and troughs of this modality are seen as a wholly different phenomenon. In this way, it can be deployed freely, and all can react with shock when it takes a form that can't be ignored.[+]   

       Up til now, no one has been anything but a very unresponsive raw historical index. [links]
fishboner, May 21 2013


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