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Two Beers Funny

A scale for rating humor, similar to Two Cats Mad
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Pretty simple: if something is only funny after you've had two beers then it's two-beers-funny. Good jokes--the kind Ian writes for Rods Tiger--are funny even without beer, so one might exclaim "Hey, that's no-beers funny!" A joke (or Halfbakery idea) whose only merit is that it includes a toilet might be greeted by a long silence, followed by "OK, I find that ten-beers funny. Now go away."
Dog Ed, Jun 06 2001


       negative beers funny: how many beers the joke-teller can drink and still present the joke in a way a sober listener would find funny.
bookworm, Jun 06 2001

       A few sparkling people get really hilarious when alcohol knocks off a few of their inhibitions. Me, I just get relaxed and stupid. (OK, more stupid.)
Dog Ed, Jun 06 2001

       Other things we can measure this way:   

       Two Gun-racks Hillbilly
Two Welfare-checks Liberal
Two Chainsaws Conservative
Two Balled-up-socks Anal
Two Showtunes Gay
Two Monster-trucks Homophobic
Two Poodle-sweaters Extravagant
globaltourniquet, Jun 06 2001

       <deliberate irony>Two fishbones creative
Two rings-around-the-collar successful</di>
absterge, Jun 07 2001

       five beers beauty - five or more beers before that ugly chick you saw when you walked in and thought "no way!" - then becomes "desireable".
sodateq, Jun 07 2001

       Initially i thought this was some surreal Orwell thing - sort of `two legs bad` crossed with `doubleplus ungood`...   

       However, what with it being friday afternoon, and having just read globaltourniquet`s contribution, i think it best if i just go home and lie down for a bit...
Pallex, Jul 06 2001

       Two beers funny... that's about an average for this page so far, I think...
jabbers, Sep 09 2001

       (globaltourniquet) Two firkin clever by half?
pussygalore, Sep 09 2001

       What about my seven-year-old, though? He finds anything toilet-related funny, but he's too young to drink.
Ander, May 08 2003

       Well, there's the chink in the armor...
k_sra, Aug 21 2003


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