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Crescent Seats

Make rows of seats on buses and trains C shaped
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Sat upon my commuter train this morning, and noticing a rather squished looking lady sat opposite I thouhght of this. Men on public transport have to sit with their legs set at 90 degrees due to their anatomy. If men could have the outside of the "C" then it would give them space to do so. On the inside of the "C" there would be less leg room but women don't need as much anyway.
dare99, Nov 23 2001

(?) Swiss train with crescent seats http://www.eurogrou...city_night_line.htm
[kinemojo, Sep 06 2005]


       perhaps we could have a national commuter castration program, so that men wouldn't need to sit with their legs at 90 degrees. You could have your sperm saved, so that any desire to reproduce would be satisfied later with an IVF program. Yes, IVF costs a fair amount, but you could save that up by getting a discount on your railway season ticket if you produced your castration cerificate, thus showing that you are public-spirited enough to dispose of a bit of anatomy so that the train company could fit more people on.
lewisgirl, Nov 23 2001

       I like my idea better (ouch)
dare99, Nov 23 2001

       One of the reasons some men sit with their legs so wide apart on buses, is that there isn't enough room to fit legs going straight forward. i.e. the distance between arse and knee is greater than the distance between backrest and back of the seat in front.

The best way to deal with this, would be to have rows of seats shaped like this:
< < < < < (view from above - facing to the right)
< < < < <
Of course, this would not be convenient for those who don't wish to sit with their legs wide apart.
Lemon, Nov 23 2001

       Haven't some places tried separate carriages for women? (Admittedly, more for security than to allow the use of smaller seats in there.)
pottedstu, Nov 23 2001

       each train need a professional choreographer to arrange the travellers according to size and gender and rearrange them all through the journey. Little paired with large; men opposite women; each complementing the other for a comfortable and interesting journey.
po, Nov 23 2001


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