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Criticism Clicker

Says 'I felt criticized'.
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The Criticism Clicker is used to indicate to your loved one that you just felt criticized by them. Rather than inefficiently verbalize or, worse, risk an actual discussion (argument) about having felt criticized, simply apply the Criticism Clicker to efficiently convey your status to your partner. Your partner will do the same with their own Criticism Clicker.

The Criticism Clicker technology is simply that of the child's little toy which makes a loud auidible 'click-click' when pressed and the spring metal is bent, then unbends.

Though you felt criticized, you may not have actually been criticized: 'When I said nice guys finish last, I think of it as a courtesy, not a character flaw.'

It is recommended that each partner select a different one of the Criticism Clicker designs: Heart, Smiley Face, etc. 'Did you take my Criticism Clicker?' Click- click.

Mustardface, May 09 2014

http://www.clickertraining.com/node/608 [normzone, May 09 2014]


not_morrison_rm, May 09 2014

       What's that humming noise? Oh, that's my wife user her criticism clicker on me.
AusCan531, May 09 2014

       It's like negative clicker training. Your spouse does something bad, reward them with a click; pretty soon you'll be in hell. We could send you to Russia, Iran and North Korea to make sure those societies never get off the ground. (+)
JesusHChrist, May 09 2014

       I understand the purpose of this idea, but the act of explaining to someone that I will communicate anything using a device normally used to train a dog would lead to a conversation I never want to have, and then possibly a huge fight and then possibly a talk with a councilor or lawyer. Or she may then suggest that I wear a collar that is controlled by a remote in her purse.   

       I'd suggest that you resubmit the idea using an item that lacks the "training a dog" stigma. Till then I have to say no. (-)
MisterQED, May 09 2014


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