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Crowd-Surf Mass Transit

Modern transport for modern cities.
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In most major cities, congested traffic not only contributes to higher levels of pollution, but also causes road rage, noise and traffic accidents. I propose that traffic be banned from the inner city and that a massive crowd be installed in its place. Those who need to travel around the city jump out their second storey windows and are crowd-surfed to their destination (enjoying a free massage in the process). Naturally the crowd would need to be fuelled with a steady supply of alcohol (a renewable energy source), but this is, apparently, the only cost of running the crowd-surf system.
chis, Nov 27 2003

or was I thinking of this one? http://www.halfbake...lders_20of_20Giants
[po, Oct 04 2004]

Cilia-Surf to School http://web.archive....-Surf_20to_20School
[hippo, Oct 04 2004]


       Wow that was quick - from home to work in record time. Now where's my wallet? ahhhh!
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       didn't farmerjohn do something along these lines?
po, Nov 27 2003

       As I understand it, farmerjohn is proposing a 'piggy-back' style, whereas this is more of a surf (ie: being passed from one bearer to the next).
chis, Nov 27 2003

       is jumping on someone's head just a tad dangerous? I don't want to be negative or anything..
po, Nov 27 2003

       This would be fine as long as the crowd members had volunteered to be surfed upon. I normally only help crowd surfers on their way because I don't want them to spend a moment longer than necessary on my head.
-alx, Nov 27 2003

       Where I live, they baked this today. A HUGE manifestation against the goverment is being held right now... 6 million people participating, almost EVERY FUCKING road has been closed. Now how's that for transportation? Personally, I wouldn't like to jump on them.
Pericles, Nov 27 2003

       No, I'm just cautious.
Pericles, Nov 27 2003

       <old codger> It was [Guy Fox] who came up with this idea before. It was called "Cilia-Surf to School" </old codger>
hippo, Nov 27 2003


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