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Explosive elderly

Make political use of old age.
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Most people who reach extreme old age hsve just a few good years left before the deteriorate physicaly or mentaly. Over 90 and still mentaly active enough to have a political agenda? capable of moving around independently? strap an explosive to self / wheel chair, pick a topic and have your say! there is no better way of raising public awareness. Some young punk pissed you off? Im certain the abuse rate for the elderly would drop as soon as they decide to retaliate.
nickthird, Aug 14 2011


       Is this advocation of senior citizens expressing social and political ideals through vigilanteism and suicide bombing? Because I'm pretty sure terrorism is not age-discriminatory, making this idea not only terrible but also very likely baked.
Alterother, Aug 14 2011

       Try again.
rcarty, Aug 14 2011

       <reads idea>   

       <wanders away looking thoughtful, while mentally estimating just how much HMX can be concealed in a mobility scooter while still leaving room for a radio control system>
8th of 7, Aug 14 2011

       I imagine most sane elderly people have the same fear of pain/death as the young - it's a self-preservation thing.
po, Aug 14 2011

       Very poor idea - elderly protest suicide bombers [-]
xenzag, Aug 14 2011

       If they're anything like my mother, by the time they've strapped the explosives on they'll have forgotten what they wanted to protest about.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 14 2011

       and they'll want a wee.
po, Aug 14 2011

       [po] They may have the same fear of pain, but, as regards death, YMMV.
mouseposture, Aug 14 2011

       stupid response! think about it.   

       my brother, 10 years my junior (in 1994) knew he was dying and thought it *exciting* in some way I cannot imagine. some 17 years later I still feel death at some unknown date scary...
po, Aug 14 2011

       //think about it//
I do.
mouseposture, Aug 14 2011

po, Aug 14 2011

       your getting it all wrong I guess I didn't make it clear enough - the idea is about extremely old people who have retained their mental capacity and have a few decent years left, not some 67 year old.   

       And its bombing (not necessarily involving other people) for issues that are relevant to the elderly that otherwise have no way of being heard, like raising age pensions, housing etc.
nickthird, Aug 15 2011

       Setting off bombs has not been historically shown to be the most effective way of getting a message across. Can anyone here, without using wikipedia or any other outside reference, recall the detailed agenda of the Unibomber, or the specific stated objectives of the 9/11 attackers? I sincerely doubt it. But I'll bet quite a few can tell us what Martin Luther King, Jr. was advocating, or Susan B. Anthony-- both people with bold, controversial messages, neither of whom ever set off so much as a firecracker* to promote those messages.   

       * that we know of   

       <steps off of soap box\>
Alterother, Aug 15 2011

FlyingToaster, Aug 15 2011

       //feel death at some unknown date scary//   

       There's nothing to it.
rcarty, Aug 15 2011

       the elderly, got to be the elderly, by having an above average ability to NOT DIE. [-]
j paul, Aug 15 2011


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