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crosswalk people-counter eye

making traffic democratic
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Right by the little button you press to get a WALK sign ther'd be a camera, the camera would use some primitive technique for counting the number of people standing there. If there are tons of people waiting they get a signal sooner.
futurebird, Jun 30 2001


       More cameras? I dunno, 'bird. I liked the skyway thing but I'll have to think about this one for a while. No!
The Military, Jun 30 2001

       Weight plates? Single ones, or a patchwork of them to better estimate crowd size. Have them fire only when the weight remains constant for a few seconds.   

       Or provide buttons which briefly cache information about the thumbs which press it -- perhaps not prints, but precise skin temperature or size -- and keep a count of unique requestors for the current cycle.   

       Or fine chemical or electrical sensors. Or infrared beams. Or something practical.
Monkfish, Jun 30 2001

       I thought of weight plates, but being a person who weighs 100lbs and knowing many people who way 200 or more... I uh don't like that idea so much.   

futurebird, Jun 30 2001

       What's wrong with the camera? Don't hook it up to a VCR, if you're worried about privacy. It's not like Big Brother couldn't put hidden cameras everywhere if he really wanted to.
egnor, Jul 01 2001


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