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blend dry non-dairy creamer and sugar in package for convenience
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In the restaurant/airline/coffee shop business it may well be more convenient and efficient to blend powdered non-dairy creamer and sugar together -- Crugar (cream and sugar) -- so the additives can be gotten in one transaction. "Cream, sugar, or crugar?" You could also offer a variety of blends -- "crugar light", "crugar heavy", "diet crugar."
auspeed, Mar 14 2002

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       market it as 'screamer'
rbl, Mar 14 2002

       perhaps there should be a half-bakery shop crammed to the rafters with these daft products for the extremely lazy e.g. the prefolded toilet paper ; a croissant for whoever suggested the pre-impregnated ova. suggestions for a shop name - sloth-r-us!
po, Mar 14 2002

       Yeah really. What next, blend the ketchup and mustard together in those little packets? hmmm.
dag, Mar 14 2002

       A butter and sugar mix for toast: bugar
bristolz, Mar 14 2002

       teeth now seriously set on edge, thanks bris for the thought of sugar in butter - rrrggghhh
po, Mar 14 2002

       [po] I think the term 'efficient' (will learn to spell one day) would be more polite. We could argue it out, but I can't be bothered......
rbl, Mar 14 2002

       rbl, which word would you like me to replace with: effecient [sic]. I am sure it can be arranged!!!!
po, Mar 14 2002

       Sloth is the father of invention.
beauxeault, Mar 14 2002

       Continue with the 'efficiency'. Just bundle all things you intake to your body to one glob and get it over with. Mmmm, yummie.
dag, Mar 15 2002

       Make that a once-per-year dose, dag, and you get my vote.
neelandan, Mar 15 2002

       Screamer. Hehehehehehehe   

       Ketchup + Mustard = Mustketchup?
phoenix, Mar 15 2002

       Kahlua + Tuna = Kahuna
thumbwax, Mar 15 2002

       not if you keep it in use other ways. Anyway, if we were going to take away the food consumption and waste expulsion functions of our major anatomical orifices surely we could just do it all some other way, like using a drip. And that idea is very quasi/half-baked.
sappho, Mar 15 2002

       The biggest problem with the now lost original idea is that not everybody likes the same amount of cream or sugar, and this would make stores add another expense, having to buy several different types of the stuff for the few people whose tastes matched the proportion it was mixed in.
StarChaser, Mar 16 2002


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