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Crumb Ring T Shirts

one problem, male and female solutions
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If you lie on your back whilst eating a biscuit, crisps, Bombay mix (addiction), toast or other types of food items, crumbs have an annoying habit of tumbling down your chest area, and being trapped under your back, sometimes getting mashed into the upholstery.

Crumb Ring T Shirts solve this pernicious problem, by having a slightly raised oval shaped seam sewn into their frontal area, starting just below the collar, and extending across the width of the chest. This traps any wayward crumbs, preventing them from falling down any further. They can then be consumed from their new resting place in a leisurely manner.

If you fall asleep in the sun, with a bit of luck you can become a human bird-table.

The female version is of course slightly different. Here the solution is called "Rice Paddy Lines T Shirts. In this version, as the name suggests, a series of seams running like the contoured lines on rice paddy field cultivated hills again captures the offending crumbs.

xenzag, Jul 03 2009

A sort-of sewn-in version of this? http://www.tommeeti..._go_bibs_4_months_/
[coprocephalous, Jul 03 2009]

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       Lord of the coconut rings....
100 percent, Jul 03 2009

       Sort of reverse Post-It rings ?   

       Flypaper ?
8th of 7, Jul 05 2009

       ants...ants marching around your neck, eating the crumbs.
blissmiss, Jul 05 2009


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