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Husband Beater™ Shirt

It's the perfect gift that a man can give his overbearing wife!
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The Husband Beater™ is essentally a full-length Tshirt that has cigarette burns, coffee stains, and it has a few small rips from previous domestic disputes. It comes complete with a rolling pin, large pink hair rollers, and a carton of cigarettes. The next time the ol' "Battle Axe" comes down on you, reward her with her very own Husband Beater™ dressup kit!
Jscotty, Sep 22 2006

cartoon violence used to be OK http://www.lil-abner.com/mammy.html
[xandram, Sep 22 2006]

Husband beater shirt http://www.cheezus....h/order_husband.cfm
[fearlessatmosphere, Sep 23 2006]

Husband beater shirt http://www.shopinpr...m/dartohavfuns.html
[fearlessatmosphere, Sep 23 2006]


       Although I don't condone violence, I think this is funny. I'm sure it's not funny to those who have domestic problems, but this is the halfbakery, so I'm not passing judgement on real-life situations. (I feel the need to defend my bun, so I offer the explanation.)
xandram, Sep 22 2006

       Is this really an idea for something new, or just a marketing ploy?
Noexit, Sep 22 2006

       Can it be both?
Jscotty, Sep 22 2006

fearlessatmosphere, Sep 23 2006

       Why did 6 people vote for this? This is not at all funny.
Zimmy, Sep 23 2006

       I think it is funny, but the product is on the market. Hell, I think I may own a husband beater myself.
fearlessatmosphere, Sep 23 2006

       switch the terms, danger lurks.
The beast within, Vile, absurd.
catch a ride, barefoot
on cold escalator - going down.
What a pretty soul - though toothless frown.

       [marked-for-deletion] cruelty.
Zimmy, Sep 23 2006

       Man, if she ain't a husband beater before you give her the shirt, she sure will be afterward. Nice knowing you.
elhigh, Nov 01 2006

       If I were to seriously propose a product for men to use to beat their wives, I would be all but kicked out of HB. Domestic violence is not funny. The concept that domestic violence against men is funny is as wrong as the concept that beating up black people is funny. [marked-for-deletion] cruelty
Voice, May 15 2008

       there's a type of undergarment commonly called a "wife-beater"; it's a sleeveless t-shirt.
FlyingToaster, May 15 2008

       Yes, and the phrase "wife beater" is wrong too. I mostly object to the inclusion of a rolling pin.
Voice, May 16 2008

       won't argue that.
FlyingToaster, May 16 2008

       How about egg beater?
Ling, May 16 2008

       As long as there's the complimentary sperm beater!
daseva, May 16 2008

       Two years ago I didn't bun or bone. Upon further review I think these would go like hotcakes for bridal showers and bachelorette parties.
Noexit, May 16 2008


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