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Playlist T-Shirt

Call it "myTunes".
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One traditional way to showcase your musical choices, and individuality, is to wear a band t-shirt. This is fine: wearing the name and logo of your favorite musical group emblazoned across your frontside lets people know who you are, at least as a music fan. It might even inspire someone else to check out the advertised artist, and maybe become a fan themselves.

However, no one's taste in music is defined by one musician alone. Everyone likes many different songs and bands, and fans of one artist may not share other musical interests. So how can you display your full musical personality?

T-shirts could be printed with a blank "playlist"-type design (I'm referring to the list of songs that comes up when you open iTunes) on the front and back. Wearers could then use a marker to fill in the names of their favorite bands, songs, and genres, in the corresponding boxes on the design. This is just like making a mixtape, except it's visual; people might want to check out one of your songs. When the shirt goes through the wash, you can make another new playlist to wear. Or, if you want, you could leave the design blank, for irony.

DrWorm, Dec 17 2009

Velcro Letters T-Shirt http://www.find-me-...text-tee-shirt.html
[wagster, Dec 18 2009]

Worringly specific t-shirts https://thehustle.c...ts-on-the-internet/
[mace, Jul 16 2021]


       it's the washing out of your marker that's the probem here - vanish is good I'm told (am not very domesticated)   

       scribbling on t-shirts is pretty baked really.
po, Dec 17 2009

       //Or, if you want, you could leave the design blank, for irony//   

       sp. ironing
shudderprose, Dec 17 2009

       [po], is Vanish a cleaning product, or did you mean varnish to keep the marker from washing out?
bnip, Dec 17 2009

       <Slightly Off-Topic>   

       I was recently single. I was attending college. My company had been alerted for a deployment to Iraq scheduled to mobilize in 4 months.   

       I started "Campaign for Kisses". It's goal was that 200 of Johnston Community College's finest female students gave me a kiss.   

       The operation was very slow going, until I bought a blank white tee-shirt, iron-on letters and a silver sharpie.   

       I continued the campaign, clad in a tee-shirt which read "Campaign for Kisses", allowing the participants to sign thier name on the shirt.   

       3 days later, for lack of space for signing, I needed another shirt.   

       For many moons, I was afraid to wash these precious momentos of carpeing the friggin diem, but I did ... to no bad end.   

MikeD, Dec 17 2009

       I'm disappointed, I envisioned at least a large flexible OLED or e-ink display that connected to your ipod with a cable (or wireless) and which gave a real-time display of recent, current and forthcoming tracks, possibly with cover art and personal ratings too.
pocmloc, Dec 17 2009

       I was pleasantly surprised. I was thinking OLED / Bluetooth / iPod etc - but this is cooler somehow. [+]
wagster, Dec 18 2009

       [+] likey.
FlyingToaster, Dec 18 2009

       So how about making the T-shirt slightly fuzzy, and having a pocket full of velcro letters to use for writing the playlist?
pocmloc, Dec 18 2009

       I gave something much like that as a gift once. (link)
wagster, Dec 18 2009

       I think this would sell very well on CafePress.
DrWorm, Dec 18 2009

       [+] Nice!
Frankx, Jul 15 2021

       It needs a custom URL that links to paid and pirated versions of the songs via QR code
Voice, Jul 15 2021

       In an age of dropshipped hyper-custom print-on-demand t- shirts (link 2) I think a 4x4 grid of your 16 favourite albums could be quite appealing. Perhaps it could be linked a music app so at the end of each year you had the option to buy a shirt with your most played albums, sort a status symbol for the kinds of music you /really/ listen to, not just what you tell people
mace, Jul 16 2021

       Was going to add a comment about having a wireless display on your t-shirt but then saw that I had been narrowly* beaten to the punch by pocmloc.

* By only about 10 years or so.
DrBob, Jul 16 2021

       Another brillient oldie. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jul 20 2021

       Another brillient oldie. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jul 20 2021

       …we heard you the first time… …we heard you the first time…
Frankx, Jul 22 2021

       The spelling wasn't any better the second time around, sadly.
DrBob, Jul 23 2021


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