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Crutches With A Beach Setting

Crutches for using on the beach
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My friend cannot go to the beach without sinking into the soft sand, because he has to use crutches.

If only he had been issued with a set of Crutches With A Beach Setting, then the problem would disappear with the flick of a small lever on the side of each crutch.

This action would release a sort of circular duck's foot stored inside the lower end of the shaft, which would spring out like a small downwardly facing umbrella.

Strong enough to support the weight of an adult due to its rubberised webbing and toughened spokes, the load bearing foot would be shook off to remove any debris and easily retracted after use.

xenzag, Oct 04 2007

Sure Foot Crutch http://www.handyhea...re-foot-crutch.html
[nomocrow, Oct 05 2007]

Duck Feet http://images.googl...mages&ct=image&cd=2
[xenzag, Oct 06 2007]


       Also applicable to snow (and possibly mud if you're fast enough).
Might need a self-levelling end, to avoid edge dig-in at the start of the step (swing? support placement? crutchification? Is there a technical term for when you use crutches?). [+]
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 04 2007

       fab idea. your friend could skip through wet cement making various imprints too.
po, Oct 05 2007

       //Is there a technical term for when you use crutches?// Would it be: "limping"?
xenzag, Oct 05 2007

       bun as usual for you +
xandram, Oct 05 2007

       [ns],[xenzag] - "becrutched"?
lostdog, Oct 05 2007

       I have a walking stick that has a ski-pole style sand/snow basket that stops it sinking too deep into very soft surfaces.   

       If you had a similar arrangement just above the ferrule (rubbery bottom bit) on the crutch, this might work. Allowing the very bottom part to sink into the sand might provide better resistance to lateral slipping than just a larger flat surfaced 'foot' at the end of the crutch. Also the edge needs to be able to 'cut in' or flex at the start and end of each placement as the crutch isn't placed at right angles to the ground throught the whole step cycle.
oneoffdave, Oct 05 2007

       [oneoffdave] You just outlined some of the best reasons for them to have 'duck feet' [+]
the dog's breakfast, Oct 05 2007

       It may have been that the description was different but I was expecting the bottom of the 'duck's foot' to be flat, but re-reading it, it isn't. Still think it's a good idea.
oneoffdave, Oct 05 2007

       I read this as Crutches With Bench Seating which also would have been good though probably not implementable. (+)   

       //Crutches With Bench Seating//   

       sure it's possible: crutch hammock.
k_sra, Oct 05 2007

       This idea make toooo much sense, but pastry to you [xenzag] none the less
evilpenguin, Oct 05 2007

       Having been on crutches in the winter this is a definite bun. An Ice setting with sharpened traction points would also be welcome.
MechE, Oct 05 2007

       "For walking in the rain, ice, and snow, there are specialty tips, "rain rings", and ice tips that can be installed on both crutches and canes. Do your crutches sink into the sand and surf at the beach? Award Prosthetics offers a dandy disc-shaped adapter that can be installed on your crutch that will prevent this problem."   

       "An improved walking aid to allow people who walk with canes, crutches and other walking devices to travel over sand, gravel and uneven areas. It consists of a pad made up of layers of flexible material with a non-flexible ring inside the pad. The ring sits around the outer edge for stability. It has a thin rubber layer on the bottom of the pad for traction on smooth surfaces such as pavement. It has a basket attached to the top of the pad which is adjustable for attaching and detaching quickly and easily to the existing walking device that one uses."
baconbrain, Oct 05 2007

       He should retrofit a set of rubber crutch tips with skipole ends. Or nail coffee cans to them and try those out.
bungston, Oct 05 2007

       These probably exist as an add-on, but making them retractable would add weight to the crutch that person with the disability would have to carry around when not at the beach.   

       There are all kinds of specialized crutch tips. And your local prosthetics guy can usually make you something that will work.   

       Try cutting an "X" into a tennis ball and slip it over the end of the crutch. It will give it enough of a footprint to keep it from sticking in the sand, but won't catch on stuff.
nomocrow, Oct 05 2007

       Tennis balls - bahhh!!! - mine are retractable AND they look like duck's feet !
xenzag, Oct 05 2007

       who gave this a -1? must have been a lobster.
po, Oct 05 2007

       2 fries, you know you shouldn't bake without your glasses.   

       I vote for retractable duck feet with the addition of articulated toenails for improved grip when on ice.   

       And one of those sailor shirts. Maybe a jaunty sailor hat as well. Then all you'd need would be a voice changer device so you could sound like Donald Duck.
Canuck, Oct 06 2007


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