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colostomy bag fish

with ornaments and bubbles.
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Specially bred assorted fish (with extras) to make the afflicted feel better and more at home with their handicap...
eraserhead, Jan 26 2001


       They swim around in the bag?   

       "Specially bred" indeed.
egnor, Jan 27 2001

       Is there a size limit? Can I have a giant colostomy bag filled with coral (gall stones could make a handy substitute) and all the singing sea creatures from Bedknobs & Broomsticks?
DrBob, Jan 29 2001

       Doesn't the bag fill up with turds? Wouldn't the fish be gagging? I'm not so sure that this would work.
Vance, Jan 29 2001

       Surely the fish would not be interested in what was in the bag, they would just be going through the 'motions'
fretzman, Jan 30 2001

       Perhaps eels would be more appropriate. If it got too cold, they could wriggle upstream to get warm. Plus, from what I've seen of eels, the environment won't be too much of a reach for them. The best solution, however, would be the eel that attaches IN PLACE OF THE BAG. Yes, the eel would be trained to grab hold of the colostomy stump, and hang on, therefore becoming the repository for drainage. The eel could be removed periodically to go potty, of course. Not only would the onerous bag be gone, but the squirming eel under the clothes could make for some interesting conversation on a first date.
Hawaii Boy, Feb 02 2001

       I want to know what the "extras" are. Iridiphores?   

       I expect this should be crosslinked to composting.
hello_c, Feb 04 2001

       Frickin brilliant! Well put.
robinh, Apr 16 2001

       And my idea of using intestinal worms to achieve weight-loss earned two fishbones only!
rayfo, May 25 2001

       You could put plants in there too. Don't want it too heavy though. A kind of terrarium. Excellent idea.
sniquer, Oct 02 2002


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