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Chest Hair Club for Men

artificial follicles for bare-chested men
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A chest that has only a few stray, longs hairs on it can be just as unsightly as one that makes the owner appear to be holding a baby chimp. For the man (or lady, I guess) who wishes to have a chest full of well-groomed, strategically placed hair this service would be the answer.

Back hair could be cultivated to be used in chest toupees or implants to kill two birds with one stone.

bpslob, Jun 29 2000


       this is a fantastic use for unsightly back hair, recycled - very eco-friendly - the only problem is there'd be even more hairy-chested men about - very good for teenagers who spend so many hours counting their two chest-hairs, they'd have more time to spend on other youthful excesses could be used to equalise things between the sexes , excessively hairy people of either sex could donate to hairless wonders - could this be extended to other areas of hairlessness?
frances, Sep 01 2000

       I've heard of an operation, in Taiwan I think, where you can have your head medically rotated through 180 degrees to make use of backhair if you have a wimpy chest.
Walrus, Oct 04 2000

       It would be hassle having to mop up everytime you used the restroom, wouldn't it?
thumbwax, Oct 05 2000

       This could be combined with a service for people who have taken the fire route of beard removal (see other section in the health) There could be a massive face lift for these poor unfortunates so that they regain a little acceptance back into society, by massivly lifting the face through the gift of plastic surgery they could get a beard again and once more look as if they belong in the real world instead of in a cheap production of the andrew lloyd webber musical 'the phantom of the opera'
Monkeyboy, Oct 05 2000

       Not that I am a fan of Ren and Stimpy, but I once heard a track on one of their Christmas CD's. "We wish you a hairy chest wig, we wish you a hairy chest wig, we wish you a hairy chest wig and a bucket of beards". (To the tune we wish you a merry Christmas).
nbrosie152, Jan 30 2001


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