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Children's hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer that doesn't get used all at once, with an LED reminder
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Children's (especially young children's) hand sanitizer with either computerized container or really gradual fluidics so it only squirts twice an hour. If it is a computerized container it could periodically light up and give a gentle beep however often the CDC thinks children should sanitize their hands

The deluxe version that might appeal to adults would be like Alexa echo dot and listen for coughs, and the person being in the room, process the data at the cloud, and give advice, or even dispense hand sanitizer. The hyperdeluxe version would aim invisible lasers at people's foreheads and perhaps even diagnose them a day early

beanangel, Mar 13 2020

"Cuddly Monster" children's hand Sanitizer dispenser _22Cuddly_20Monster...nitizer_20dispenser
Shamelessly derivative... [8th of 7, Mar 17 2020]


       [+] Good one, relevant to the recent issue with pathogens, but incremental. A combo of things that already exist, just in one product, vs. a component that hadn't been know to exist.
Mindey, Mar 13 2020

       Why not just trim the hands off and replace them with cybernetic units that can be fully sterilized ?
8th of 7, Mar 13 2020

       //Why not just trim the hands off and replace them with cybernetic units that can be fully sterilized ?//   

       It's hard enough keeping the little buggers in shoes which fit, and you want to add hands to that?
Loris, Mar 13 2020

       Children sanitize their hands too often? I didn't know there was such a thing, especially during a pandemic, apart from the issue of running out of hand sanitizer. I think a better solution, if that is indeed a real problem, is to train the children better as to when they should use it and how to avoid touching dirty things as much. Letting them sanitize their hands only twice an hour means they won't be able to at the actual times when it will help (e.g. between playing and eating), because they've already used their squirt for that half-hour. And it's not likely to encourage them to wash their hands more often as a substitute, either.
notexactly, Mar 15 2020

       Love this!
21 Quest, Mar 15 2020

       Stupid windows UI...
21 Quest, Mar 15 2020

       I thought there could be an artificial third nostril added to the nose, for the hand sanitizer to come out of.
caspian, Mar 17 2020

       It could be a clip-on additional nose, fitting over the existing nose like one of those "Groucho Marx" glasses-eyebrows-nose spectacles-moustache masks, with a pad inside to absorb bodily effusions, and using the nostrils on the mask to spray hand sanitizer (right nostril) or disinfectant (left nostril).
8th of 7, Mar 17 2020


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