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Cued Cell Montage

Thumb button for digital phones that can layer an audio input on cue.
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Listen to professionals answer the phone and you'll wish this simple feature was added to their phoneset.

A button for the thumb seems right, but make it a chin switch if you desire, that layers a short audio track into the transmission to enhance those delicate first few words when making an impression is so important.

"Good morning, this is … "
* digital pinging * Professor Aliteral * digital pinging *

"Yes, this is … "
* funk * George Clinton * funk *
"but please, call me … "
* echo * Mr. Clinton * echo *

Maybe a portable personalized version built into a ring or necklace would be the way to go.

reensure, Sep 25 2002


       Cool. Maybe one day it will be possible to have a conversation without saying anything at all. (Like on the Today Programme.)
General Washington, Sep 25 2002

       I was at first expecting s soundboard-ish feature with uploadable sound clips, but this is sweet too. <aahnold>Hello. How aah you? I hab some questions. I want tem answered immediately. </aahnold> Here's one funky croissant.
Mr Burns, Sep 26 2002


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