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Cup Holder Fountain

A little relaxation in your car.
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A miniature tranquility fountain designed to fit in a car cup holder. Has clear domed top to prevent spills and evaporation. Choose from several fountain styles ranging from natural rock waterfalls to contemporary designs with lights. Runs on battery or car accessory plug. Calming water burbling sounds and serene water dancing motion offset the stress of traffic. Scent drops can be added to water for desired aromatherapy effect.
wombat, Aug 31 2003


       Does it shoot it's wad every hour?
thumbwax, Aug 31 2003

       On the roof of your car, with a red dome, you'll have smooth cruising through "the stress of traffic".
FarmerJohn, Aug 31 2003

       perhaps a force field is the answer, [fog]. Or perhaps a gentle stream of air directed into the dome would keep the glass/plastic clear.   

       At first I thought this was a drinking fountain. Now _that_ I could use.
Eugene, Aug 31 2003

       // aromatherapy //   

       Sometimes I emit a little aromatherapy in the car too...
DeathNinja, Aug 31 2003

       If there was not a dome, I guess the fountain could be made to be fairly spill-proof by the design of the container. There would be evaporation, so you would have to add water more often.
wombat, Sep 01 2003

       Run it off the windshield washer system so you could top it up by a simple pull of a lever. And right now the washer fluid in my vehicle is (supposedly) cherry flavoured (I'm not going to taste it!) so that would fulfill the aroma part...   

       Instead of a dinky little fountain in a cup holder, I say let's go big or go home! Turn your entire dashboard (except where there are instruments) into a water feature. There'd be enough room for real, live frogs and maybe a pool for carp. I can feel the stress flowing out of me right now.
Canuck, Sep 01 2003

       That ain't stress.
thumbwax, Sep 01 2003

       your driving along to the sound of running water!! would this not increase the macdonalds around the world cause you'd be needing the toilet on every drive!
kinkykelly101, Nov 06 2003

       From the engine run a water pump which powers a small yet fast running stream running from the dashboard down to the rear footwells, between the two front chairs. Put salmon ready for breeding in the rear footwell pools and marvel as salmon attempt to leap upstream between you and your passenger.   

       If you get peckish you can reduce the stream speed allowing the salmon to make the leap, whence they fall into a flexible, perforated foil bag which slips down through a conduit onto the engine. Time your journey right and you've got salmon for tea when you get home.   

       Not sure about the 'cooking live animals' aspect.
weedy, Nov 06 2003


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