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Electromechanical Shave Slave

Jack beta-tests Jill’s prototype
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J: Well, it’s sure going to look weird – like strapping half a bra to my face.
J: I’ll have you know that the Shave Slave is made of ultra light, Swedish alloys and space age, suedish leather. Here let me help you hook it on.
J: Zo what a’e theze padz on my neck, cheekz and fo’ehead?
J: They’re electro stimulation pads. The pulses trigger in turn the same muscle groups that a man uses when stretching the skin of his chin, neck, cheeks and lips to get a close shave. I’ll turn it on and you can watch the auto-grimacing in the mirror.
J: Ha, ha, funny fazez! Hey, why do I feel the zkin being zucked outwa’dz at diffe’ent plazez, too?
J: Oh that’s the razor suction cup. It’s an idea I got from a massage technique I saw at a spa. The cup moves over the bearded area stopping to suck up and extend the skin even more, so the concave razor inside can cut the whiskers really close.
J: Yez, it zeemz to be wo’king.
J: So, besides giving an ultra clean shave, the Electro-etcetera Shave Slave frees your hands to drive or use the phone at the same time.
J: T’uely a zupe’b and p’actical appa’atuz!
FarmerJohn, Oct 27 2004


       I'd hate to be there when this thing malfunctions. Unless it just caused it to stop working without any sort of horrible pain. Then I guess I wouldn't really care if I was there or not.
luecke, Oct 27 2004

       Whazzat? Oh, a transcutaneous electro-nerve stimulator unit, but don't forget the additional application of vacuum massage technology.
FarmerJohn, Oct 29 2004

       Croissant for the words suedish and Swedish used in the same sentence.
benfrost, Oct 29 2004


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