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Custom fit ironing boards

For those who suck at ironing (lazy single guys like me)
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Imagine effortlessly taking the wrinkles out of shirts without all of the stretching and contorting to make them flat. The shape of the board would match whatever you're ironing (envision a board in the shape of your body that could be folded). The only hard part would be fitting the arms of a shirt on the ironing board, but a button down wouldn't be too difficult. The ironing board is always underneath the shirt or pants. And it would rotate so you didn't have to take the clothes off to iron the other side.
mateo76, Jun 04 2002

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       It's called a mannequin.
phoenix, Jun 04 2002

       Mannequins are a little too round, Einstein. They're a bit heavy. And some give me the creeps.
mateo76, Jun 04 2002

       What about a mannequin sized rubber baloon filled with really hot air and very little holes to let the air out? Just enough pressure to fit in every place and voila! all wrinkles disappear.
spekkie, Jun 04 2002

       Just make sure to take the clothing item OFF before you steam iron it. My dingbat of a roommate did not -- she was a Clinique girl and wanted to iron her "lab coat" while on the job in a department store. She ended up with 2nd degree burns on her chest. Duh. And doh.
magrak, Jun 04 2002

       Take a scuba diving dry suit seal up the neck and hand holes. PLace your item to be ironed over the dry suit and inflate with hot water. This is very effective although care must be taken as too much pressure results in the buttons being torn off. Usually a pressure of 2 x 10^6 Pa works well which is about two atmospheres.
English Pete, Jun 10 2002

       If mateo76 had wanted no effort he would have bought self-ironing shirts. I just proposed a tried and well tested solution to solve his custom fit ironing board idea.
English Pete, Jun 10 2002

       my dry suit shrank in the wash. any ideas Pete?   

       oh my god they are always english!
po, Jun 10 2002

       You could pass your dry suit to a friend who is smaller thereby allowing him or her to iron her shirts.   

       Can people shrink in the wash ?
English Pete, Jun 10 2002

       if the water is too cold, possibly.
po, Jun 10 2002

       If you increase the pressure in the dry suit it will inflate further so should be able to fit a huge range of shirts
English Pete, Jun 10 2002


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