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Customizable Idea Sorting

For profile pages.
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I think it would be nice for users to have the option of listing their ideas on their profile pages in formats other than alphabetical. Maybe sort them by vote ratios, or reverse alphabet, or title length, or length of post, or number of annotations.
21 Quest, Dec 09 2009


       Seems like a reasonable idea to me.
xenzag, Dec 09 2009

       Yes, but you're not the one that has to make the code and teach it to play nice with the other codes.
normzone, Dec 09 2009

       Nice idea, but yeah, probably an absolute bitch to write. My own personal sort would be penultimate letter of idea alphabetical.
kaz, Dec 09 2009

       It would be a much-appreciated bitch, though.
21 Quest, Dec 09 2009

       Much appreciated? Really? I understand the request, but it seems like a very minor feature of a personal vanity page to me - even if this were easy (it probably is), I would have trouble justifying to myself the effort of explaining to people that they can do this, or how.
jutta, Dec 09 2009

       ... or why.

       [ ] you can already Bookmark in your browser different Views to your heart's content. Occasionally I'll want to see my posts sort-sequenced by Category but that's non-complex to do with View.

       Not sure how different sort sequences for vistors to the site or other posters would have any positive value.
FlyingToaster, Dec 09 2009

       But is there currently a way to alter the way the ideas are displayed on the actual profile page? That's my idea here.
21 Quest, Dec 09 2009

       I've always thought chronological listing of ideas on profile pages would be better than alphabetical. This way you get to see lots of interesting stuff: how a person's ideas have evolved, their first idea and their latest ideas.
xaviergisz, Dec 09 2009

       I would also like to see this. Vanity is bad. Oh, the horror of ethics.
zeno, Dec 10 2009

       <...scrolls all the way down Ian's profile page ... ...all empty ... scrolls some more ... scrolls through more white space ... Aha! there are all the ideas! - crammed onto the bottom line of the page>
hippo, Dec 10 2009

       Oh, for crying out loud! This place would suffer as I might never post again.
outloud, Dec 10 2009


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