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Ego Day

Churn your favorite idea
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I normally refrain from annotating my own idea just to bring it to the top of the "recent" list. But sometimes I'm browsing my old ones and I come across an old favorite that's had all its votes wiped out and the treasured annos removed during the crash of '04, and I long to see some comments on it again.

Maybe one day a month halfbakers could be encouraged to bring their own proudest idea to the top of the list for review and commentary by all.

Thank you.

phundug, Jan 18 2007


       I always mean to do this with one of my ideas (I had Aquareep in mind if anyone cares...) on my halfbirthday. Sadly I always forget as I'm always hung over, my halfbirthday fallling as it does the day after my birthday.
wagster, Jan 18 2007

       I do this subversively by linking my favourite ideas to tangentially-related new ideas which are then viewed and annotated by people who didn't see them the first time round. E.g. the recent churning of "Schrodinger's Toilet Seat" (linked from "Lose Me in the Sky (with diamonds)").
hippo, Jan 18 2007

       I think linking your own ideas to similar ones that come up is a good idea and should be encouraged. It allows newer bakers to navigate through ideas that interest them, boosts the self-esteem of the egomaniacal among us (myself included) and, as is the point of this idea, revives those ideas that lost their votes and annos back in '04.   

       [+], but only if you look at my ideas...
theleopard, Jan 18 2007

       If you add a valid comment, then fair enough, but it annoys me when someone (not necessarily the author) dredges up a long-dormant idea just to say "I agree".
angel, Jan 18 2007

       + I like it-- also for churning other peoples' ideas that have lost votes in the crash...they deserve to get some of the glory back that they deserve. It makes me sad, even though I wasn't even around then.
xandram, Jan 18 2007

       [angel] Or the idea that's marked as recent but there's no new edit to be found -- leading you to believe that someone added a comment and then deleted it in order to churn the idea.
phundug, Jan 18 2007

       I have a feeling that if you do that [phundug] the idea loses its recentness. I did it a while back writing an anno on someone's idea before realising I was anno'ing the wrong one. When I deleted it I'm pretty sure it removed itself from the top of the list.   

       If you've seen it happen it may be a new link...?
Either that or I'm just plain wrong...
theleopard, Jan 18 2007

       You're right. Ideas can only be churned with a new anno or link. The recent list uses the dates of annos and links to create the list order - existing ones only.
wagster, Jan 18 2007

       Yes! Back of the net!
theleopard, Jan 18 2007

       I agree.
phundug, Jan 18 2007

       I don't like churning because it adds clutter to the site that's very temporary and not really content, more social jostling for attention. (What angel said, really.) And who are you to tell everybody else what they should be paying attention to?   

       One way to fix this would be to publish recommendations through another channel, say, "phundug's idea of the week" or something, that people who care about your opinion can subscribe to.   

       The current state of the idea date being reset to the most recent annotation or link is in part a result of people using the add-delete annotation "trick" to bring their own ideas to the front.
jutta, Jan 18 2007

       [jutta] I'm hoping this idea will reduce unwanted churning by encouraging it to happen on just one day every month (or could make it per 3 months). If you churn your own idea and it's not "Ego Day" then you deserve to be frowned upon.
phundug, Jan 18 2007

       Just put links to your favorite ideas on your profile. It'll make your profile more interesting to read at and give some attention to ideas you like.
jutta, Jan 18 2007

       and then again, a lot of the times I don't actually read any of the ones that have been churned because I don't have enough time or for whatever reason. So, jutta's idea is a good one, too.
xandram, Jan 18 2007


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