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Former Idea List

Searchable database of (now deleted) ideas.
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Due to some recent acount deletions in the halfbakery, the swiss cheese effect is currently very noticeable. Apart from deleted posts, though, which just create annotations that look like replies to (nothing), the deleted ideas themselves might actually be rethought-up by an unknowing user.

I suggest creating a list of these ideas' former names. This is simply to avoid having to delete an idea that was formerly baked in a now deleted account. Since there would be no point to deleting the ideas in the first place if the whole idea was kept in storage, only the ideas' titles would appear on the list. Hopefully, most would be self-explanatory; those with extremely vague titles could have a short explanation next to them.

On the search page itself these ideas could have a (deleted idea) tag next to them to mark them as such.

Pseudonym #3, Apr 08 2002

(?) For bliss
Google knows... everything!!! Mwa ha haaa (be quick tho', next time google looks it will erase its cache) [lubbit, Oct 17 2004]


       Well, since the former idea is no longer on the HB the next occurence of it would be a new idea, no? Someone conducting a search ahead of posting wouldn't find the idea so they'd be in the clear, at least technically. There may, of course, be those people who remember the old idea and make a halfbakeclaimation but they would have nothing to cite to back up the claim.
bristolz, Apr 08 2002

       what has gone has gone. The Halfbakery moves on. part of its charm really. fishy, sorry pseud.
po, Apr 08 2002

       Yet, even if the idea was technically 'new', I doubt there would be many people who would vote for it as such.   

       Are you suggesting if the Panic Pin got deleted along with the user account, I could just recreate the idea and expect the same voting ratio?   

       I doubt it.
Pseudonym #3, Apr 08 2002

       Panic Pin is inspirational. someone popped into the halfbakery for 5 minutes - dropped Panic Pin and left. He ( I think it was a he) would probably be amazed that his idea had caused such a stir. Pseud, we all may have left such a mark somewhere in this world and be equally unaware of our creation, our footprint in virgin soil. what a wonderful place this world can be.
po, Apr 08 2002

       Just wondering, is there a way of finding out how many ideas are on the HB, and how many users.
vimto, Apr 08 2002

       [vitmo] You could ask [jutta], but I don't know if she'd divulge the information. There are other ways, but if [jutta] won't tell you, I won't either.   

       [Pseudonym #3] Deleted ideas are simply waiting to be born again.
phoenix, Apr 08 2002

       (psst, [bliss] see link)
lubbit, Apr 09 2002

       From my admittedly brief observation of the HalfBakery, there seem to be themes and ideas that refuse to die, no mater how many times they have been killed off in the past - there seems to be a running discussion on Lightsabres, How To See Round Big Vehicles, etc.   

       Since some of these "vampire" ideas arise from genuine percieved need, interest or curiosity, and are therefore doomed to recur, why not have a Dracula's Crypt where the picked bones can be left staked out for all to see ? Not the whole ideas and annotations, just the titles and/or brief descriptions which will generate a "hit" when search is invoked.   

       Then when they're searched for, the idea will flip up with a [DONE-TO-DEATH] label, which will hopefully prevent Newbies from getting flamed unnecessarily for posting a "new" idea in good faith.   

       This is slightly different from Pseudonym#3's original idea and reasons, but I am reluctant to post it as a "new" idea beacuse it's manifestly not the case. But the list would be independant of user accounts. The Darwin Awards site has something similar for urban legends.
8th of 7, Jul 18 2002


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