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Cyclohexane Lounge

Convert from chaise lounge to master of the high seas!
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The cyclohexane molecule has the structure of six carbons, connected in a hexagonal fashion, each bonded to two hydrogens. Two configurations of the molecule are the "chair" and the "boat," illustrated in the [link].

By putting a flexible, buoyant surface across the interior plane of the hexagon, and substiuting the C-C bonds with pontoons, a chaise lounge is created, with axial hydrogens serving as legs or parasols. To enter the water, simply remove the axial hydrogen bonds and plug them into the sides, where they serve as equitorial pontoons to further improve bouyancy. Then flip one side of the ring up, and you have an inflatable dingy, perfect for paddling around a pool.

NB: This should work, as the professor in my organic chem class has a molecular model set that allows easy reconfiguration from chair to boat without having to pull anything apart. This invention would simply mean enlarging the model, filling in the middle, and using buoyant material.

Cuit_au_Four, Feb 05 2006

Cyclohexane Schematic - from Chair to Boat http://wps.prenhall..._Images/FG02_10.JPG
Axial hydrogens not included. [Cuit_au_Four, Feb 05 2006]

Trees Lounge http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117958/
Steve Buscemi at his snivelling best.... [Minimal, Feb 06 2006]


       How big a thing is this? If it can turn into a pool paddling dinghy I would guess about 6 feet across? I like it.
bungston, Feb 05 2006

       Good idea. Reminds me how life can be simple.
reensure, Feb 05 2006

       If I had the slightest clue about what cyclohexane molecules had to do with fine furnishings, I'd rant about folks who insist on misspelling and mispronouncing *chaise longue* for the commonly anglicized parlance, *chaise lounge*. (Makes me wonder if there isn't a bar or nightclub somewhere in America named "Chase Lounge", or "Shay's Lounge", if they really intend to milk the pun.) Since I really don't comprehend the structure or value or ultimate usefulness of cyclohexane molecules I'm unfit to criticize, but I'd be appreciative if you removed the patio furniture from my pool until we get this straightened out.
jurist, Feb 05 2006

       //somewhere in America // - Best Western Inn, Marshall, Minnesota.   

       [Cuit] It's a design, not an invention, but could be a big hit among chemistry majors in the next summer holidays. (+)
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 05 2006

       One of my favorite films is called "Trees Lounge", and is set in a bar of the same name. I have always guessed that this is a pun on a similar level...
Minimal, Feb 06 2006

       Stereoisomeric reconfiguration of the cyclohexane molecule depends on multiple stable states due to changing steric and eclipsing strain between the axial and equatorial hydrogen atoms. The only function of your hydrogen atoms is to block the sun and prop the thing up when it's not in use.   

       I like the idea, I just think it would be neat to actually have the chair function just like the molecule. This could be done simply by attaching two large balloons to each node on the frame. However, to achieve the types of strain necessary between balloons, I'm afraid there wouldn't be much space left for the lounger. [+/-]
daseva, Feb 06 2006

       Nice, [Cuit]. I've seen plenty of furniture designs that used upholstered balls or cylinders to llow you to reconfigure the chair into a bed, daybed, whatever. Don't think anyone has ever suggested reconfiguring it into a chair. I think [ConsulF]'s distinction between a design and an invention is splitting hairs, frankly - ignore him ;-)
moomintroll, Feb 06 2006


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