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Cornucopia-shaped Patio Chair

Chair made in the shape of a mathematical cornucopia spiral torus
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See link for model of CornucoPat in the CornucoPatioChair. This would be a patio chair, or any number of other structures, built out of a single piece of metal in the shape of a cornucopia -- so a coil that gradually increases in twistyness until it is straight and then twistyness comes out of the straightness again, does that make any sense? Let me see if I can find a link.


JesusHChrist, Sep 24 2005

CornucoPat in the CornucoPatioChair http://patricktimon...ven.com/photo5.html
SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE [JesusHChrist, Sep 24 2005]

3D cornucopia http://www.mathawar...one/animations.html
The first spiral turned back on itself in a torus. I can't find a good picture of a torus cornucopia. [JesusHChrist, Sep 24 2005]

Spiral chair http://www.smithinteriors.com/rc15.html
Sounds like this is what you are describing. [jurist, Sep 24 2005]

Anaconda Table http://www.uam.ucsb...uttle_anaconda.html
To accompany the spiral chair. [jurist, Sep 24 2005]


       something very croissanty about a cornucopia.
po, Sep 24 2005

       [Link] I found a rather cool-looking one-piece spiral cone chair that appears much like your description, although I'm sure you could argue that it is not a mathematically perfect cornucopia. It is certainly much better looking than your first link, and not likely to pinch when sat upon.
jurist, Sep 24 2005

       wow that spiral chair is cool, but the anaconda chair is exactly what i was thinking of -- except with the two ends connected.
JesusHChrist, Sep 25 2005


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