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DMV Bingo

Keeps you on the edge of your seat while waiting your turn!
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In the US, many of the local motor vehicle bureaus have ended the traditional maze of long lines and endless shifting from one window to the next. Now they utilize a computerized system that issues you an alpha-numeric ticket based on the purpose of your visit. And then they seat you in a large room with screens that announce your number. "...G56 Report to Window #14..." or "...E72 Report to Window #30..."

So while the wait time isn't any shorter, the system can be used to have fun. Therefore, we shall have DMV BINGO where you are issued a game card with your ticket. If you win, you get to move to the front of your line. And if you don't win, the anticipation of winning will help pass the time.

Jscotty, Mar 06 2009


       To make it interesting, the DMV would have to randomize the order of the numbers. May make it a little harder to estimate your ETA. I still like this idea though (+)
imho, Mar 07 2009

       They could randomize assignment, not service, so it could still be first come first serve.
MechE, Mar 07 2009

       Not really an original idea. (Or, at least, it seems to have occurred to a lot of online posters before.)
DrCurry, Mar 08 2009


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