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Booming Bathrooms

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Most public bathrooms are very quiet, which makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Passing gas, dripping, and other fairly-quiet noises embarrass their creators. What I propose is to put some sort of ambient noise in the bathroom, by use of a fan which serves two purposes. First purpose is that it solves the noise problem. Secondly, if it were an intake, it could help with the smell. Yes, I know that sometimes a fan can be heard in the stalls. But that fan is very quiet, and does not hide noises or smells. Yes, sometimes music can be heard. But that is also quiet. Why must bathrooms be quiet? There is no need for people to be heard in there. No (serious) conversations should take place in there. So why must they be quiet? Loud bathrooms solve many a problem.

(recovered after the outage, thank heavens for google cacheing!)

ghillie, Jul 28 2004

there was a similar link in the outaged version. http://www.theplumb...aneseobsession.html
[po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Hmph. One of my most-liked ideas, wiped out in an instant. *checks news to see what happened*
ghillie, Jul 28 2004

       (Psst! [Tabs]! "Bathroom" in the US sense. But then you knew that, right?)
angel, Jul 28 2004

       Hmph. Voting last time I checked was +13. You had to ruin it, didn't you, Tabs! Tsk, tsk...
ghillie, Jul 28 2004

       Uh, and for the record, I'm only 17, and I live in America. I don't even know some of the words mean in your post, Tabs!
ghillie, Jul 28 2004

       its a mystery to us sarf londoners as well, ghillie.
po, Jul 28 2004

       goodness gracious...
po, Jul 28 2004

       Yeah ghillie, it's still a good idea. You're getting shit on.
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 28 2004

       Good idea, [ghillie]. +.
lintkeeper2, Jul 28 2004

       [Tabs]: The reason I named myself [ghillie] is in my profile... kinda mundane, but...   

       [ydyd], [lk2]: thanks!
ghillie, Jul 28 2004

       ha!ha! That looks like a sasquatch suit! That's meant to keep deer from getting spooked?? [tabs]   

       and (+) for the bathroom idea ghillie.
PinkDrink, Jul 28 2004

       [PD]: It keeps deer from getting spooked because a ghillie suit is camouflage... very good camoflague...
ghillie, Jul 28 2004

       Good idea. I'm often embarassed to really let them rip, only because I know that I hate hearing the sounds coming from the stalls myself.
ben_krak, Jul 28 2004

       It could also account for numerous sasquatch and wookie "sightings". lol.
PinkDrink, Jul 28 2004

       Good idea. It is useful for private bathrooms in small apartments too, mainly so that people outside don't hear what's going on inside. I always turn on the bathroom fan when there is one; the noiser the better!
pdg37, Jul 28 2004

       Some bathrooms DO have a rather loud fan. However, this is uncommon in public bathrooms, unless it is not a stall bathroom. (i.e. in a public building but only one toilet and a locking door, similar to an apartment bathroom). I have been in a few that do have a somewhat loud "stink-fan" but once again this is not common in stall BRs (I am getting tired of typing bathroom) One problem, though. Some people don't like to have really loud fans in the BRs. A way around this would be to have a dimmer switch, seperate from the light switch, tied to the fan. That way, if some little kid was scared of the noise, or someone was just plain annoyed by the fan, anyone could turn it down, or just turn it off.
Dickcheney6, Apr 14 2008

       This comes up in a HB search for 'sasquatch'. Anyway, [+].
swimswim, May 25 2010

       An interesting idea. But fan noise is somewhat dull. Would it not be more creative to have a constant variety of rude noises booming round the room? Similar to the idea of masking a secret conversation by playing a babble of voices?
pocmloc, May 25 2010


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