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Cold Air Hand Dryers

Blast dry air rather than hot air at your hands
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Hot air hand dryers in public restrooms often seem terribly ineffective. The low power ones seem useless until they've heated the air up sufficiently. This is because the air in public conveniences is often humid, so recycling and blowing it at damp bits of your body ain't going to help all that much.
I've just accidentally put my wet hands in front of the air-con unit, and they dried almost instantaneously, because although it is cold air coming out, it's *dry* (You can try this experiment yourself if you don't believe me).
So - the idea's simple. Just stick a (turn off-and-onable)vent from the aircon unit straight into the bathroom wall. Voila!
Lemon, Jul 02 2001


       This would go over a treat in hot-and-humid places like Singapore. Didja know, incidentally, that the statement "warm air can hold more water vapor" is quite misleading? Water is a liquid, water vapor is a gas, and the ambient temperature determines the balance between gas and liquid, evaporation and condensation--just as it does for any other material. Cool, huh? Now we all know more than our high-school science teachers.
Dog Ed, Jul 02 2001

       but if there is an air-conditioning unit nearby, why not just air-condition the entire bathroom? then you could have hot, dry air, and faster-drying hands.
mihali, Jul 03 2001

       Hmmm. How cold do you want your bathroom? Most people would prefer fairly warm ones.
Lemon, Jul 03 2001


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