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Dating service screening questions

features user-generated pass/fail questionnaire
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This dating service would be like any others, but would focus on allowing you to draft a handful of your own questions for interested viewers. These questions could be open-ended, like the following:

Do you like Nickelback? Do you hunt? Sunglasses: do you own any reflective ones? Please note here if they are multicolored. What is your stance on toilet paper quality-to-price ratio? Also: underhand or overhand? (there is only one correct answer here.) Do you own any animals? etc.

If the person is interested enough they answer them, if not they move on along. And of course the point would be that you have a set of right answers in your head and could judge responses and screen accordingly.

Upon successful completion of the questions, they are allowed to send a contact message. If not, they go back to their Nickelback album. Everybody wins.

kylecameron, Apr 04 2009

best datingsite ever http://www.okcupid.com/
[zeno, Apr 05 2009]



       Although, I suspect women would find themselves reading an enormous number of "wrong" answers in certain areas.   

       It might be best to include room for the poster to include optional explanations for some answers... such as:   

       Yes: I've never tried it, but I believe Nickelback would be excellent if breaded, and served with fava beans and a nice chianti.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 05 2009

       See my link, it is very good.   

       It doesn't have what you desribe but they come close. They have loads of questions, really, loads. And you can check your answers against others. There are many other fun features.
zeno, Apr 05 2009

       I thought OK cupid was pretty much exactly this - the basic idea is that users make tests for each other. What part of the suggestion doesn't it implement, zeno?
jutta, Apr 05 2009

       I didn't think okcupid lets me write a bunch of questions that you can answer. Rather there are many questions everybody can answer and then we can compare the answers we both gave.   

       Wouldn't surprise me if they did implement this and I just didn't know about it yet or misunderstood.   

       The tests are similar (though more than just questions) and would make a great halfbakery idea were it not that it is already being done and getting to be ever more widely known to exist.
zeno, Apr 05 2009


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