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Daylight Savings Lunchtime

Add/subtact an hour from Friday afternoon!
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This isn't my idea, but it's a really good one. I'm sorry I don't know who to credit for it.

Instead of doing the daylight savings stuff at 1 AM on Sunday, why don't we do it on Friday at 1 PM?

Think about it. Once a year you'd get a two hour lunch, as 1 PM magically changes back to 12 PM. Likewise, once a year you'd have a Friday afternoon that is shortened by one hour, when 1 PM suddenly becomes 2 PM.

It's so clever it almost seems unfair. Wage-earners might disagree, but salaried as I am, I think this is a swell idea.

anomie, Jan 18 2001


       And in the spring, you could spring ahead on Friday at 4:00 pm.
lasselle, Jan 18 2001

       UK readers may wish to speculate on the effect this would have on Railtrack and the train operating companies.
AndyKnott, Jan 19 2001

       What a fine idea. I don't think this is likely to have any significant effect on the railway system, as it is already shambolic beyond all imagination. How much worse could it get???
DrBob, Jan 19 2001

       This would wreak total havoc with international trade. The main reason for a 0100 change is to minimize the effects of having an extra/missing hour in the working day. And how about recording events? 1235 the Second?
rjswanson, Apr 07 2001

       'Shambolic'. I like that...   

       It's 2am in the US...
StarChaser, Apr 08 2001

       ...and there's always someone who stays up until 2 AM just to move the clock (well, only a true dumbass would actually 'move' the clock 'forward' or 'backward')
thumbwax, Aug 23 2001

       Thumbwax: Quit picking on me!
juuitchan3, May 10 2002

       What about third shift? Seems that they get the raw end of the deal...
ghillie, Jan 24 2004

       Much better if we have a two hour lunch everyday
puturrudefoie, Apr 21 2004


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