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daylight savings (2)

move it half an hour and leave it there
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Instead of moving the clock forward an hour every april and backward an hour every october, why not just move it back half an hour this june and and just leave it alone from then on.
alzz, Mar 30 2001


       I'm with waugsqueke. If we can keep it on the summer mode, I'd be happy.
centauri, Mar 30 2001

       How about just fixing the clocks so that they run fast during the day, and slow at night. Then we could get an extra hour (or more, the sky's the limit!) of daylight, EVERY DAY!
td, Mar 30 2001

       Aha! The perfect place for another midwest, hick story.... living in Indiana, we don't change time, so half the year we're on Eastern time (right now) and for the other half we're on Central time. I must say that I like alzz's suggestion though....
Susen, Mar 30 2001

       Changing clocks only seems like a pain because most people procrastinate. We should just be doing twenty seconds every day.
Monkfish, Mar 31 2001

       i like centuri's idea
edski, Mar 31 2001

       Does it worry anyone else that Daylight Savings time occurs on April Fool's Day. I can't help but think the whole thing is a prank.
nick_n_uit, Mar 31 2001

       Susen, I'm not sure. Do you like not changing times or would you rather change? It would be nice to get some emprical data.
Brendan, Apr 04 2001

       I'm going to go against the flow here and admit that I enjoy the clocks being changed every six months. Not for any practical reason but because I can always depend on at least one of the dozy members of my cricket team to get it wrong, thus laying themselves open to six months of abuse and mickey-taking.
DrBob, Apr 04 2001


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