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Moonlight Savings Time

Let's REALLY save some daylight. For better things.
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The original point of Daylight Savings Time was to save energy. Unfortuantely, it doesn't really work that way. People take the opportunity of an extra light hour to go out in the evenings, burning gas, requiring electricty for streetlights, and then coming home after dark. Meanwhile, those godawful annoying morning people have to turn the lights on for an extra hour when they get up. Night people, meanwhile, are shambling around half-dead in the morning because they have enough problems being awake at 7, let alone what's really 6. And businesses still have to run their AC all the time!

Why go only so far as an hour? Let's go all the way with Daylight Savings Time, and turn the clocks ahead twelve hours.

Sure, it'd be a wrench to adjust. But think of the advantages:

* Offices and shops, many of which keep their indoor lights on all the time anyway, save money on AC, because it's cooler outside while most people are working.

* Homes save money on AC, because people are home during the hottest hours and can safely leave windows open and run fans instead.

* Morning and evening commutes still happen in the light, but sunset _and sunrise_ now both occur while the majority of people are awake, providing an enriching scenic experience! Office workers can take a "sunrise break" late in their shift, and go outside to watch it while their coffee brews.

* People who like outdoor activities have all the sunlight they could want, if they're willing to mess with their sleep shcedule a little, instead of having to spend the daylight hours at work.

* Similarly, sports events no longer need giant arc lamps to be held when most people can attend.

* Make the change early enough, or leave it late enough, and kids can do practical astronomy at school! (Assuming appropriate light pollution laws are passed and enforced, with shotguns if necessary.)

* Businesses that employ 'night people' benefit, because their workers are now at work during their most energetic and creative time, instead of in bed. Night people benefit because they don't have to go to bed during their most energetic time in order to be semifunctional at work the next morning.

And last but not least:



Not that I'm bitter.

gisho, Oct 06 2009


       Surely any moon based time would have to have a bit over 25 hours in each day?
pocmloc, Oct 06 2009

       Sales of sleeping blinkers and heavier alarm clocks would sky rocket.
wjt, Oct 06 2009

       This hour-at-one-shot change is hard on everybody. I propose a five minute change every month.
normzone, Oct 06 2009

       I'll get with my contacts at the sleep mask and black cloth lobby to make this a reality.
BinaryCookies, Oct 07 2009

       Sorry but I hate unnecessary time changes. One hour is bad enough, let alone twelve. The smart states refuse to participate in Daylight Savings Time at all, I say. Boycott DST!!!
XSarenkaX, Oct 11 2009

       <beatles impression> Here coooomes the suuuun...(little darling)/ that god damn suuun.../ And ahhhhh saaaay-/ Just fuuuck it... (ba dum bum ba dum bum ba dum bum babumbumbum) </bi>   


       I also recommend you read "Rant", by Chuck Palahniuk.
notmarkflynn, Oct 11 2009

       Hi XSX, Long time no see. My time is an hour earlier than yours, but you don't seem behind to me ;-)
blissmiss, Oct 11 2009

       Hi [blissmiss]! I seem behind to me. :\
XSarenkaX, Oct 12 2009

       As well, work that requires, or is much enhanced by, daylight continues during the day, or in the case of night road repair, is moved to the day when it's much safer and efficient.   

       Circadian rhythm would be a problem, but it could be mitigated by using a completely light-blocking window-shade layer.
FlyingToaster, Mar 16 2013


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