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daylight savings

reverse daylight savings (or something)
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Currently we move our clocks forward in the summer to "increase" the length of daylight. This is supposed to have something to do with farmers or saving energy or something. There is supposed to be some sort of a net benefit to society (which I don't see). I don't know about you, but I can't stand it when it starts to get dark at 4:30pm in the winter. By the time I get home from work it will be nightime, which makes it a lot easier to watch TV rather than walking in the park. I usually don't get up before 7:00am, so all that early sunlight is wasted for me. I believe I'd be more productive and happier with an extra hour or two of afternoon sunlight in the winter- who care's if it's dark when I'm just getting up in the morning? Considering that "morning people" are in the minority, and that more light decreases depression, it seems that our current system is plain stupid. Why not reverse our system to increase afternoon daylight in the winter and decrease it in the summer? Or just leave us on "Daylight Savings" all year, so we don't put our clocks back to "normal" in the winter.
flapmaster, Dec 13 2000

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       I'd like it if we put rockets on the earth to slow down rotation and make each day longer, but I guess that would be another idea altogether... I agree we need more sun in the afternoon during winter. Plus, we all get to feel like we're devoted to something by getting up before sunrise for it.
badoingdoing, Dec 13 2000

       Somewhere (was it at Halfbakery?) I saw something like this (the original version was better, but I can't remember it exactly):   

       We've been saving daylight for years now. It's time to start spending some!
beauxeault, Dec 13 2000

       flapmaster - FYI there are places in this country that choose to ignore DST. Move there and it will cease to be an issue.
chili2k, Dec 13 2000

       Waugsqueke: I don't think one of the purposes of Daylight Savings could have been to do with kids making their way to (or from) school in darkness, as DST only kicks in in Summer when the days are long anyhow.   

       Leaving DST "on" all the time is quite a popular suggestion in some quarters, however this would effectively move the middle of the day, when the sun is at it's zenith, to 1pm. How long, therefore, do you think it would take us to shift our behavioural patterns forward again, causing calls for double DST, then double DST in winter, etc. Surely better to move our behaviour back in sync with when the day really is (As long as someone else starts doing it first, of course, as I certainly couldn't be bothered getting up in the morning).
Lemon, Dec 13 2000

       At one time, the U.S. did have year-round DST. It was changed back to April-October because of all the complaints from people who had to be at school/work early in the morning.   

       I think the base thing to do would be to abolish DST altogether. However, for the people who do enjoy DST should be allowed to go to work and come home 1 h early so they'd have the illusion of DST.
nobody, May 05 2001

       They have to be at work at exactly the same time, the only difference is that the sky is not always the same color.   

StarChaser, May 06 2001


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