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Natural watch

An illuminating nature-based watch showing daylight
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We are in modern times and each passing day we lose our ties with the mother nature. In older times we woke up at the sun rise and slept after the sun set. Also the phases of the moon had an effect on how we divided our day between work and leisure.

There are times that I want to live in harmony with nature not with what my standardized 24 hour watches dictates me. I want to wake up with the sun and start resting when the sun sets..but living in a city where artifical lights are all around I hardly feel what the sky tells me. The artifical lights inside the house and outside interfere with the natural daylight.

I am proposing a watch (either wrist or wall type) which will illimunate to represent the real illimunation of the sky for the time of the year and location.

The program in watch will take into account the geographic coordinates, time of the year and will calculate how much illimunation (daylight) in the open sky and illimunate its screen accordingly . In advanced models the watch can get actual weather information and take into account if the weather is cloudy or not and illimunate accordingly.

When it is done...you wake up and look at your watch, if it is still dark you keep on sleeping, you don't care about what time it is! Or your watch may tell you it is time to wake up much earlier than you are used to your standardized watches..

Alarms can be integrated with voices from nature. Birds may start singing with the sun rise to tell you it is time to wake up.

This does not have to be seperate watch either. This function can be integrated to usual watches as well.

can1073, Nov 26 2007


       Combine a GPS unit with a compass and a servo-operated gnomon.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 26 2007

theleopard, Nov 26 2007

       Round window. Clock mechanism embedded. No curtains.
vincevincevince, Nov 26 2007

       "Is that a Rolex?"
"Naw. It's a Circadian"

       Sounds like a good wallpaper for a smartphone or computer.   

       But I'd at least like a sun and moon traveling across the face. Throw in an electronic compass and a few bright stars would be cool too.   

       I'd also like to turn the clouds on or off. I spent too much time in Syracuse and have no need for a display that just shows clouds.   

       PS I saw a full RED moon really low in the sky last night and it was gorgeous.
MisterQED, Nov 26 2007

       ...Low red moon, how can you sleep like a baby,
Sleep like a baby?
But you shine so different on another.
You shine different on another.
Strange moon, strange land...

       - Belly, Low Red Moon.
globaltourniquet, Nov 28 2007


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