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Dead Man

"Thanks Dead Man! Uh.. Dead Man? Dead Man?"
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A bullet-proof, flying fresh corpse with heat vision, dressed in a burial tuxedo. When not fighting crime, he lays limp on the floor. He does not talk, move voluntarily, dance, or use facial expressions. He just stops injustice.

Not a very dynamic hero, admitted, but would be a nice secondary character.

notmarkflynn, Jul 12 2006

imaginality: No he's not, he's pining for the fjords. http://www.mtholyok...hon/dead-parrot.htm
[Ling, Jul 13 2006]

Deadman comic. http://www.toonopedia.com/deadman.htm
[Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 13 2006]

Different name, in 1941 http://www.toonopedia.com/mr_just.htm
[Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 13 2006]

HotBlack Desiato http://www.hotblack...co.uk/page/homepage
[zen_tom, Jul 14 2006]


       Weekend at Bernie's III?
DrCurry, Jul 12 2006

       Is he undead, or is he dead? You can't have it both ways.
nihilo, Jul 13 2006

       He's not dead... he's resting.
imaginality, Jul 13 2006

       Flight of the Living Dead?   

       Does he have a backwards #9 on his chest? <think back masking>
MoreCowbell, Jul 13 2006

       //flying fresh corpse with heat vision//
Spots cremations from 30,000ft...
Ling, Jul 13 2006

       Voodoo. [-]
nihilo, Jul 13 2006

       "He lives in a box, he looks like a corpse... He's dead of course" Mr Dead, Fast Show. (or was it Harry Enfield and Chums?
coprocephalous, Jul 13 2006

       ...and all the pirates are looking for his *chest*...
xandram, Jul 13 2006

       So .. like Superman .. but dead?
kuupuuluu, Jul 13 2006


       Superman's saving the Eiffel Tower/ So who shall we use instead, man?/ A hero of no discernible power/ Why, of course, let's call on Dead Man
pigtails_and_ponies, Jul 13 2006

       Is he interred? Is he a plane?
imaginality, Jul 13 2006

       Drat - boysparks beat me to it!
DesertFox, Jul 14 2006

       I didn't realise until very recently the HotBlack Desiato is actually the name of an Islington Estate Agency. Apparently DNA thought it was such a good name, he decided to use it for one of his characters.
zen_tom, Jul 14 2006

       //HotBlack Desiato is actually the name of an Islington Estate Agency//   

       "wink, wink, nudge, nudge"
skinflaps, Jul 14 2006

       I´m wondering what it is that qualifies Deadman for category Superhero A-C.   

       Presumably he is married to the corpse bride.
hidden truths, Jul 15 2006

       hmm.. What about the smell?
rockyed, Jul 16 2006

       <nemesis>Clearly the evil notmarkflynn is looking for something to do once I have finished with him. But I say that he will never again rise, or indeed be in large enough groups of quarks in order to rise.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Jul 16 2006

       [truths], it's obviously for corpse you see.
tcarson, Jul 17 2006

       No, it's because I can't read.
notmarkflynn, Jul 18 2006


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