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Delsey Coat

wear your luggage with a smile
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Ryanair are the worst airline on the planet as regards luggage check in/carry on. They charge you extra for ALL checked luggage, that you must register on line, otherwise they charge you even more when you arrive at the airport! (for details check the link)

10zag's luggage division have spotted the weakness in this system and commissioned makers of the most excellent luggage Delsey to manufacture the perfect solution to Ryanair's dastardly charges.

This comes in the form of a stylish trench coat that is in reality a wearable suitcase. The coat is actually a series of containers and pockets and containers all joined together and covered with a variety of flaps, zips, and drawstrings.

The intrepid traveller simply stuffs these pockets and containers with their worldly goods then refuses to pay ANY luggage carry- on charge, as coats of course go free.

xenzag, Sep 14 2009

Ryanair http://www.ryanair....qs.php?sect=CHARGES
you've been warned! - travel light - better still, stay at home. [xenzag, Sep 14 2009]


       Excellent, and eminently Bakeable.   

       Some "duster" style coats come close (large internal and external pockets) but a "cargo coat" would be very useful ....
8th of 7, Sep 14 2009

       //Ryanair are the worst airline on the planet //
Nuff said.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 14 2009

       Just fly business for goodness' sake.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2009


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