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Deserted Island Survival Kit

Isolation for Dummies.
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I was recetly watching a movie that shall remain unnamed about a man stranded on an abandoned island, and I thought, that could be me.

There can only be so many empty islands left in the world, so I propose that one of these specialised survival kits should be placed on each, just to be safe.

It would contain within; a flare gun and directions to fire for the best chance of it being seen (based on shipping lanes and aircraft routes). There would also be a fair quantity of long-lasting foodstuffs and a water purifier.

Included would also be instructions on how to build a rudimentary shelter, how to differentiate between poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms etc.

Another inclusion would be the famous pirate tradition of a gun with one bullet. Of course this would only be for dire emergencies.

I would hope for the day when little children watching the aforementioned movie will ask "Why doesn't he just use the Deserted Island Suvival Kit Daddy?"

hidden truths, Jul 30 2005

Do It Yourself Amputation Kit... DIYAK
No survival package is complete without one. [ato_de, Jul 30 2005]

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       did it become deserted after you arrived? just asking :)
po, Jul 30 2005

       Or they could take those emergency phones from the NJ Turn pike and place them on the islands. The "Ahh shit" phones
Antegrity, Jul 30 2005

       Homeless man reading his daily roof: "Oh, man...I gotta go to a deserted island to get something to eat."
goober, Jul 30 2005

       Desserted Island Survival Kit: cake spatula and ice cream spoon
FarmerJohn, Jul 30 2005

       //There can only be so many empty islands left in the world// The words "so" and "many" concatenate to reveal the flaw of this idea.
pooduck, Jul 30 2005

       What is a bit of expenditure to protecting many hundreds of potentially stranded people?
hidden truths, Jul 30 2005

       How about the millions of people "stranded" throughout the world who need food now. Sorry to be such a downer.
goober, Jul 30 2005

       If everyone put ideas on hold just because there were more pressing needs, only worthwhile things would get done. What kind of world would that be?
Acme, Jul 30 2005

       There are thousands of Indonesian islands - just that they are so small that you can't see them on a lot of the more general maps.
froglet, Jul 30 2005


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