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Global Disaster Kits

A suitable item for infomercial selling?
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I suppose this bit of halfbakery could be a gift to the infomercial marketers but everything in life’s a mixture of good and bad ... The idea is implicit in this mock-up of a media ad ... ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE BIG ONE? ... ERUPTION ... EARTHQUAKE ... TORNADO ... TSUNAMI ... FIRE ... CAR-CRASH ... FLOOD ... ORDER YOUR GLOBAL DISASTER KIT NOW. Each kit contains the same basic items with extra items as needed ... And there’s more ... All Global Disaster Kits are approved by ... [relevant authorities]
rayfo, Sep 13 2000

Super Ark Survival Kit http://www.realgood...0&ts=1003838&kw=ark
So baked. [hello_c, Sep 13 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I always imagined a book with basic information on construction, gardening tecniques - even the basics of social organization - a post holocaust survival manual. Keep people from having to start over from scratch after the self-aware net destroys civilization as we know it and has to be unplugged.
Scott_D, Sep 13 2000

       Now, if it was a kit to CAUSE your own global disaster....
centauri, Sep 13 2000

       I'm all in favour of global disaster, tearing down civilisation and rebuilding from scratch. Of course, if casualties could be avoided then so much the better, so I vote aye! for the survival kit but nay! for the book on social organisation. Can we throw in a chocolate bar?
DrBob, Sep 13 2000

       that's what *I* was hoping this was too, centauri! :(
absterge, Sep 13 2000

       Five small nukes to put in the apropriate geological area of your choice. Simply follow the step by step instructions, and bury the devices where the software (included) predicts. Retire to the next continent and let the destruction commence.
Gimp, Jan 30 2001

       Why not just buy: "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Disasters"?
Wes, Feb 01 2001

       Scott_D, is this something like what you're envisioning? It's more of a survival wiki, and there isn't much on it yet, but there is a plan to eventually publish it in book form.   


f1r3br4nd, Feb 23 2005

       Centauri and Absterge, I can find nothing in this idea to suggest it is not what you say you would like it to be. It is just that!   

       -The fishbowl moves-
zeno, Feb 24 2005


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