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survival kit in a bottle

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of course using a bottle as a containing vessel for survival gear is not unique. thats not the idea though, because I'm sure it is baked. the idea itself is to throw them in the ocean knowing they will randomly disperse and hopefully come to the comfort of someone who is shipwrecked.

P.S I listed this under the business category because i didnt want to do a search. But in order to make the category appropriate maybe you could insert a few coupons for toothpaste and a real estate agents mailer in with the survival supplies.

bob, Mar 02 2016


       Might work under product:kit   

whatrock, Mar 02 2016

       It would be a lot more efficient to just build survival caches on all known deserted islands. I'm pretty sure we know about most of them at this point. You certainly won't get them to people in life rafts but perhaps anchored buoys in places likely to see a need? Such as where refugees cross.
Voice, Mar 02 2016


       " I listed this under the business category because i didnt want to do a search "
normzone, Mar 02 2016

       [+] Nice contribution [Voice]
piluso, Mar 02 2016


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