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Portable Personal Disco

Dance party, everywhere, anytime!
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I was at a so called ‘silent’ disco last night. This a normal disco-type thing, apart from the the abscence of the traditional cranked-all-the-way-up p.a. system, which is replaced by headphones.

In fact, there were two parties going on simultaneously. Switching channels on your headphone would transport you from one dance party to the other instantly. Fascinating.

Scaling up this principle gives interesting results. In stead of two, an unlimited number of parallel parties could be held at the same time in the same venue. Or, you could just go to a dance event where there is no music at all, and take you own iPod. Or, conversely, you could just stay at home alltogether and listen to your own music. Beer's cheaper too.

Now that's a bit sad. To aleviate this sadness there is the portable personal disco. A bit like a porta-potty, but without the potty: fitted with a miniature dancefloor, coloured lights on the ceiling and of course: the ubiqiutous mirror ball.

Interesting upgrades are: VJ-simulator (miniature flat screen with DVD) and a smoke machine. Be your own Napolaon Dynamite, anytime, anywhere!

The only question now is: should the PPD be fitted with no sound system for silent use with iPod, or a gigantic p.a. system...

Ehrm, Nov 12 2005


       Disco died dude.   

       "Bellbottoms to base, the last hold outs have been identified; all agents converge on sector twelve."   

       Didn't they have those fancy nonsense devices where you had a bunch of defocussed LEDs attached to sunglasses combined with headphones that played new-age type music? It walles alledged it altered your brainwaves or some (unfalsifiable) claim. I suggest a device similar to that: you plug it in your favourite mp3 player and it generates the 'mind altering' light effects based on the beat of the music. 'Mind altering', so you don't need stuff like extasy, the sunglassed will aid in avoiding discovery when you succumbed to the chemicals anyway.
nietsch, Nov 13 2005

       Portable Personal Pogo Booth would be fun. Just enough room that all you can do is jump up and down.
skinflaps, Feb 14 2007


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