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Detect and attract new gamblers

Facial and pattern recognition on gambling machines
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To retain new customers at gaming operations give them more frequent payoffs than normal to help create a thirst for play.

If not already available, tests are done to establish the body and facial behavior of experienced versus inexperienced gamblers. Also gather data on the electrical and perspiration characteristics of each. When smell detectors are perfected the machines can sniff the player for CO2 output and drug alcohol content (those who have less discretion). Another indicator of the cash output potential of the player might be determined by the type of perfume worn and food consumed (pricey or cheap). Camera and motion detectors sense movements and expressions. Sensors on the the pull handles (for example) of one armed bandits detect sweat -- and electrical properties like those sensed by lie detectors. Remote laser temperature sensors determine optimal temperatures for the greatest income yield.

Tests can be done using digital displays on machines to determine which sights are most productive, sound cards test for the most appealing sounds, smell generators determine what smells like a large payout and smell generators are installed to produce the cash cow inducing scents. Different textures on handles and knobs and varying resistance on pulling arms might produce surprising results. Place a weighing device under the feet of the player to detects patterns in weight.

Program the machines to look for and sense the traits. After the amateur becomes more confident, and the facial recognition cameras in the machines recognize their regular presence, the payoffs would be reduced. This is likely to be highly illegal, but if the increased tax benefits to local and national jurisdictions were quietly announced in a private hotel room pre-sniffed for monitoring devices, a non-transparent authorization might be acquired through a Black Project designated Executive Order or equivalent. The plan would otherwise have to remain a secret so it could not be used knowingly. It's a fun thought none the less :-)

Sunstone, Nov 26 2014


       I bet this might not work.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 26 2014

       Would it be illegal if the game had a normal set of fixed odds for playing that were lower than normal, but these slot machines would also advertised bonus prizes. It would be up to the casino to decide how to award these prizes. They could have the decision made by an employee using whatever criteria they felt like that day. They could have various sensors as you mentioned. The algorithm could be designed to favor new gamblers sometimes, but it would probably be best if the method changed every day. People would try to figure out what the method of the day was. You could expect to see all kinds of strange behavior.   

       There might need to be a notice that "bad behavior will not be rewarded", and a little light that comes on to notify the user that they definitely will NOT be getting any bonus prize if they continue their current behavior. Heck you could even have a series of lights indicating how close they were to getting a prize on the last spin. Some days it might use these lights to tell users when they were close and even to distinguish between a normal and a bonus prize. Other days, there would be no indication that there had been any bonus prizes. But every day, the total number and average size of the previous days bonus prizes would be posted.
scad mientist, Nov 26 2014


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