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An online mechanic helps you fix your car using a webcam/microphone. The cost wouldn't have to be that high, because the mechanic doesn't need garage space or tools (assuming you have enough tools to do the job).

It would go something like this...

Customer: My tire is flat.

Mechanic: Place jack under car.

Customer: I put the jack here?

Mechanic: no, move it 2" to the rear. Show me the contact point with the camera.

Customer: here?

Mechanic: yes. now lift car off ground... etc. etc.


A servo-motor controlled laser pointer (possibly helmet mounted) is controlled by the mechanic. He can thus move the red-dot to points of interest within his field of view. Credit leinypoo13

The customer can aquire an adapter that they can use to send the car's diagnostic information to mechanic.

knowtion, Mar 10 2009

Doctor performs amputation after receiving instructions via text message. http://news.bbc.co..../health/7761994.stm
[zen_tom, Mar 10 2009]

This might help Distance_20Training_20Hat
[leinypoo13, Mar 12 2009]


WcW, Mar 10 2009

       I could use this service right now...
cowtamer, Mar 10 2009

       It had better be well-paid - I imagine this being a little like tech support, and those people are *saints*.   

       Are people making video calls yet? Most webcams are fairly stationary, and the integration of cellphone video into calls isn't that good (i.e., you can't just "insert" a still or clip into an existing voice phone call - right?) Once those protocol issues are resolved, this could be a model for a whole bunch of such services - anything requiring instruction, really. Cooking, golf, brain surgery...
jutta, Mar 10 2009

       A webcam is only limited by the amount of cord that you have (unless it's cordless). Same with microphone. A person who had a computer near enough to car could use video.
knowtion, Mar 10 2009

       There was a news story a few months back about a British Doctor on placement in Africa somewhere who performed a successful operation after receiving instructions from a specialist via txt msg.
zen_tom, Mar 10 2009

       Yes, it was the amputation of a patient's gangrenous arm up to and including the scapula (shoulder-bone). [edit: ah, just noticed you've already linked to it]
hippo, Mar 10 2009

       If the proper adapter were purchased, a person could send engine computer information over the internet for diagnosis by the mechanic.
knowtion, Mar 10 2009

       When I get fired for looking at Halfbakery rather than working I will apply for this job. Call 0-800 TO-THICK-TO-DO-IT-MYSELF.   

       As a side job creation scheme the Dial-a-Mechanic would recommend that you need a Extracto-Flange-Rangler to do the job properly, and then direct you to his own website selling such items.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 11 2009

       I do something similar for various family members scattered across the country, using e-mail, phone, and digital camera. I tell them what to take pictures of, then they send me the .jpg, I mark it up, send it back, and they go to work, calling and e-mailing as needed. Its really kind of fun, but it takes a lot longer than if I had done it myself, so it's a family-only service. --Karl
n81641, Mar 11 2009

       I half-baked a version of this [link]. I put a servo-webcam on a helmet, but I disconnected the servo from the camera and attached a laser pointer to it. Using Vsee, a free video conferencing site, my dad could point at things from1000 mls away and help me remodel my kitchen .
leinypoo13, Mar 12 2009

       [leinypoo] Oh that's good. That's real good. I'm incorperating your idea... as long as you don't mind.
knowtion, Mar 12 2009


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