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Diary 2.0

Text Sharing Markup language that enables you to easily share very specific portions of your personal diary.
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So, I had been writing dropbox-synced, gpg-encrypted, diaries with vim editor. As I am writing a diary, I'd want to share a paragraph or a word only with specific people, while share other parts of the text with other set of people, and other parts of the text with all of the crypto- friends, and yet other parts of the text leave for rendition to html and publication on my homepage.

The syntax would work by using {: and :} symbols to enclose the text with sharing options. The sharing options would be denoted by the group or friend names in the beginning symbol as this {:group1,group2,..,groupN| content :}. The groups then would be defined in a config file, which would have a JSON like

individuals {
'friend1': '/media/truecrypt1 /vimwikis/friend1',
'friend2': '/media/truecrypt1 /vimwikis/friend2'

groups {
'group1': ['friend1','friend2'],
'group2': ['friend2']

Vim editor already has the command :Vimwiki2HTML function that renders a VimWiki into a publishable HTML.

The Text Sharing Markup would have a command :Vimwiki2Friends, that automatically parses and copies file to specified set of folders, which could then (over a dropbox or other syncying service) be auto-shared with select friends.

Mindey, Jan 07 2015

Some details https://gist.github...2eff1fcec0098a1fb72
[Mindey, Jan 07 2015]

Dairy 2.0 http://www.foodstuf...welcome-to-dairy-20
Just swap a couple letters and it already exists [popbottle, Jan 07 2015]

You're right ! And it doesn't stop there... http://www.sharktru...e_and_ray_id_guides
...although you have to swap more than a couple of letters... [normzone, Jan 07 2015]

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       [popbottle], [normzone],... I think your derivations are divergent. If you continue like this, something would definitely levolve.
Mindey, Jan 08 2015


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